2019 Grapevine High School Tournament
Dates: 9/6/2019 - 9/7/2019

31st Annual Grapevine Classic Speech and Debate Tournament

 3223 Mustang Drive, Grapevine, Texas 76051   

(817) 251-5248

August 01, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Please accept this as your personal invitation to attend the 30th Annual Grapevine Classic TFA,TOC, and NIETOC qualifier to be held September 6-7, 2019 at Grapevine High School. We are excited about the schedule of events, level of competition, quality judging and seeing good friends. We hope you can attend.  As part of our celebration we are excited to offer one of the first TFA tournaments with World School Debate.  We are hoping not only our friends from the US but our international friends will join us in Grapevine.

We have one of the best Tabrooms in the country with Dave Huston, Jason Sykes, and Eric Melin along with the Grapevine Varsity Debaters.

Please note that The Grapevine Classic is a Quarter-Finals qualifier for the National Tournament of Champions (TOC) in CX, Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and a Top 6 qualifier in Congress. Debate will have 5 preliminary rounds before going into the required elimination rounds depending on entries. Congress will have Prelims on Friday and Finals Saturday morning at 8:00 am

We do have entry limits for the Grapevine Classic. Entries in CX will be limited to 2 entries, 4 entries per LD per school, and 4 entries in PFD. We will have a waiting list for schools who might want more than their limit, but that list will only be used if the entry total is below our maximum. Entries are limited in Congressional Debate to 8 from each school with a wait list available for more entries, and it will run on a schedule that Congressional Debate entries may enter Individual Events on Saturday as well  Entries are limited in all Individual events to 8 per school per event with a wait list. We will be offering HI, DI, USX, FX, OO, DUO, DUET, POI, INFO, PROSE, and POETRY.  Individual events will be Saturday only with every IE entry guaranteed 2 preliminary rounds for each event before going into the required elimination rounds depending on the entry.  ALL Debate may only enter that event only - no cross entries for any debate entries. Brackets will not be broken in any debate event.  We will also be planning to have panels in elimination rounds, if possible. For IE, Duo, and Duet, we will have 8 in finals for the events that meet the TFA standard for 8 in a final round.  

Grapevine Classic DEBATE uses ON LINE BALLOTS through TABROOM.COM.  ALL JUDGES will need to get a FREE account at Tabroom.com to access the ballots. Schools are expected to bring QUALIFIED judges. Schools may not “buy out” their obligations unless they are traveling at least 400 miles one way to our tournament. School judges must be available for both days (all rounds) or will be charged for a judge for the day (rounds) they are not available. If you have a judge on Friday, you must also have a judge on Saturday or you will pay for a judge on Saturday. Schools must provide 1 judge per section they enter before they may pay for a judge (unless they are come 400 miles or more to the tournament). All judges must have a paradigm available on Tabroom.com

 Anyone wishing to be hired by the Grapevine Classic should fill out the HIRED JUDGE form on this website.

The LD topic will be the September/October NSDA topic.

 The CX topic will be the high school 2019-2020 Policy topic.

 The PFD topic will be the NSDA topic for September/October.  

The World School Debate Topics will be announced by August 6 (or when they are published)

We will be following the NSDA Pilot program for times, rules for Public Forum Debate.

 Contact us if you need event rules for the TFA events, which can be found at  www.txfa.org. Congress legislation and World School Debate prepared motions are available in the same location.

 Initial entry on the website is necessary.  NO phone or email entries will be accepted.  Entries via JOT will be accepted until 4:30 pm on Thursday, August 29 but it is HIGHLY recommended to enter earlier because we will close entries as we reach our limit.  We will only be accepting entries and changes on line.   See the information page about specific drop deadlines and fees.

 Remember to nominate a Senior Debater for the Jonathan Brody Service to Debate Award given since 1997.  Information is included on this site. Nominations are due on Tuesday, September 3 by 4:30 pm.   We are proud that the Jon's parents are awarding a $1000 scholarship to the Brody Award Winner each year.


Jane Boyd, Director of Speech and Debate, jane.boyd@gcisd.net

Joshua Hamilton, Director of Oral Interpretation, joshua.hamilton@gcisd.net 


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