2018 Amarillo High School Tournament
Dates: 12/1/2018

Amarillo High School Tournament

December 1, 2018

ONE DAY ONLY this year!



The Amarillo High Speech Team cordially invites you to compete at the annual Shut Up & Speak,  Music Style tournament.


Deadlines: All entries are due by Monday, November 26 at 4:00 pm. We will accept drops unpenalized until Thursday, November 29 at 1:00 pm.


No novice events will be offered.


In order to provide a qualified judging pool, we ask that all coaches judge at least three rounds. Also, we would appreciate any additional names of judges that you can provide.


Every effort will be made to panel judges in semis but there are no guarantees. We will panel the finals of all TFA events and will attempt to panel all others as well. Brackets will be broken in debate. We will not have guest Wi-Fi for the tournament. 


Judges will not disclose in any other rounds so that we can run on time. 


Questions about TFA rules can be answered by going to www.txfa.org.


Notice: No finals ballots or awards will be delivered to schools. You must be in attendance for awards to receive them, unless there is a BIG snowstorm.


You may register online using the button at the top of this page. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


Mellessa Denny (Coach)

Amarillo High School

AHS Speech

4225 Danbury

Amarillo, TX 79109




(806) 236-0190  (Denny's cell phone)

(806) 326-2049 (speech office)

(806) 354-5092 (fax in main school office)

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