2019 SCFCA State
Dates: 3/2/2019

2019 South Carolina State Forensic Tournament


March 2, 2019

on the campus of

Riversiden HS


 NOTE:  On Saturday, Feb. 2 the SCFCA Coaches present at the Southside tournament voted to make the State tournament a one day event for the year 2019 only.  The tournament will include at least 3 rounds and finals (depending on how quickly rounds can run, the tournament might include additional rounds.)

Dear Fellow Forensic Coaches:


You and your team are cordially invited to attend the 2019 South Carolina State Forensic Tournament on March 2, 2019.  The tournament will be held on the campus of Riverside HS.  The state officers are excited about the prospects for this year’s tournament in the Greenville area and hope that the quality of competition will be both challenging and rewarding.


The tournament guarantees five preliminary random rounds of competition with semi-final (if numbers warrant) and final rounds to follow.  We will offer the following events:

Novice  Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Public Forum Debate

Congressional Debate (Legislation will be the FEBRUARY NSDA Legislation)

International & U.S. Extemp (combined)

Impromptu Speaking

Original Oratory

Informative Speaking 

Dramatic Interp

Humorous Interp

Programmed Oral Interpretation 

Duo Interp

Children's Literature

Novice Reading  (first year only)

Declamation (9th and 10th grade only)

Expository Speaking




SPAR Debate will be offered as a consolation event for those students who do not advance after five rounds. 

 Included with this letter are the tournament policies and event descriptions for this year’s tournament.  As always, we encourage you and your team to read them carefully because you will be expected to adhere to these policies and rules.  Current NFL guidelines will prevail in each event. 


A team of coaches from throughout the state is organizing the tournament.  Therefore, please make a note of where registration and other documents must be sent.  All registration must be in the Joy of Tournaments website by Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.    Any drops or substitutions after this date must be brought to Gail Nicholas, Tournament Manager, by email.  Since registration is through Joy of Tournaments, no email verifications will be sent. 


Information about lodging and directions are included.  We look forward to seeing you and your team very soon.  We are working hard to ensure that this will be a successful tournament, with hopes that forensics will continue to grow in the state of South Carolina.




President SCFCA


David Dejesa

Rivrside HS

Vice President SCFCA/Host


Coralie Watkins

Greenville Tech Charter School

Treasurer SCFCA



Gail Nicholas

Bob Jones Academy

Tournament Manager 





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