2019 Phi Rho Pi Nationals
Dates: 4/9/2019 - 4/13/2019


Patterns, Slots, and Doubling

Pattern A*

IPDA (Individual Debate)
Speech to Entertain
Communication Analysis

  *Students may enter IPDA,CA and STE in any combination.

Pattern B

Prose Interpretation
Poetry Interpretation
Extemporaneous Speaking

Pattern C

Persuasive Speaking
 Duo Interpretation
Impromptu Speaking

Pattern D

Program Oral Interpretation
Dramatic Interpretation

Pattern E
Parliamentary Debate
Interpreter’s Theatre

Sweepstakes Slots
Slots are used to determine placement in sweepstakes categories.
There are three classifications of Sweepstakes based on number of slots: Hindman Division (small), Wheeler Division (intermediate), and Wyman Division (open). The Hindman Schools category shall be determined by counting the slots entered by each school in the tournament. School whose slot totals are between 1 and 15 are entered in the Hindman Division. Schools with slots in the 15.5 to 30 slots are entered in the Wheeler Division. All schools with 30 or more slots are entered in the Wyman Division.  

The slots vary by event and mirror the sweepstakes ratio.

Every entry in Interpreters Theatre counts as three slots
Every entry in Team and Parliamentary Debate counts as two slots
Every entry in Duo Interpretation and either Lincoln-Douglas event counts
as one and a half slots
Every entry in Individual Events or IPDA counts as one slot


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