2019 Wind River NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/14/2019 - 3/16/2019

Wind River District Judges



Each school is responsible for providing one judge per 6 entries. Please round up. For example, if you have 10 entries, you should be bringing two judges..


There is a $300 fee for every judge you are short of this goal.

Schools dropping judges the day of the tournament will be assessed a fee of $400 per judge. Drops at the tournament create significant impacts on our students and prevent the District Committee from recruiting replacement judges.

Please make sure and enter all judges into the Joy of Tournaments site.

If you have judges that are only able to judge specific events or are only available at certain times, please note that in the comments when you register on JOT. Otherwise, we will assume they can judge all events and will be available for all rounds.

Please try to bring judges that are able to judge a variety of events. It makes it very difficult to organize if judges say they can only judge one or two specific events.

Please let your accompanying judges know how much they are appreciated by all of us however it is vital that if they commit to judge they need to honor that commitment it has a very negative impact on the tournament if they drop on the day of the tournament.

If you have someone that might be interested in being a hired judge, please email Carina White whitec1@swcsd2.org We will be paying by the round this year ($11 per round for first year out judges, $13 per round for everyone else, $30 per Congress session).We will also pay a gas stipend and/or for a hotel room if needed. We will be in need of additional judges from years past due to adding Big Questions debate on Thursday. We appreciate any and all leads. Our initial deadline for hired judges to indicate their intention to attend will be March 4.


Below is the list of registered judges; each school gets one strike for main events; email to Carina by Wednesday at 5.

Stephany Anderson

Mike Antonovich

Brandy Armajo

Lori Arment

Louie Armstrong

Dawn Atkinsonner

Justin Bacus

Jennifer Barella

Chris Benedict

Liz Chollak

Rachel Christoph

Clarissa Cole

Vernon Cole

Elaine Comer

Stephanie Cozzens

Marisa Declerq

Gerald Dickinson

Jacob Dickinson

Linda Dickinson

Ben Dorn

Rick Dorn

Taylor Draney

Kierria Eaton

Samantha Eaton

Ann Etcheverry

Jeremiah Etcheverry

Tiffanie Etcheverry

James Fantin

Deb Fink

Maggie Fisher

Mary Fisher

Reina Kropf 

Sarah Kropf

Diane Kurth

Jesse Lauze

Roy LLoyd

Andre Marchal

Krisena Marchal

Michael Montoya

Jericho Morrell

Jesse Owens

Victoria Owens

Colt Parson

Dan Parson

Heather Peterson

Jennifer Petri

Kathy Rath

Sarah Sullivan

Samantha Worden

Joel Kuper

Em Wilson

Steve Forbes

Emily Forbes

Stephen Gagnon

Rhonda Gamble

Bev Garcia

Kaitlyn Gee

Ted Gerber

Cindy Glasson

Amy Grass

Austin Griffith

Travis Harden

Kaylee Hardesty

Brian Hill

Anji Hook

Savannah Hook

Sheryl Hunter

Vabsi Ibarra

Sarah Ivie

RaNae Johnson

Quinn Kalenski

Catherine Kellick

Allison Kloepper

Owen Krysl

Lannette Lahey

Kristie Lake

AJ Lamb

Tony Lew

Emily Lopez

Megan Lord

John Makie

Jill Markley

Tristan Martin

Mary Mawk

Valerie McCoy

Johnny Mercer

Kaitlyn Miller

Jennifer Moore

Travis Moore

Adrienne Morstad-Wyatt

Thad Murdock

Emily Myers

Taelor Nielsen

Bryce Peterson

Ned Phelps

Becca Pierson

Allen Pino

Amanda Pittman

Spencer Pittman

Kathy Rath

Nicole maier Reitz

Treyson Rasmussen

Katie Roberts

Remy Roberts

Kim Robinson

John Ryan

Jeff Schalow

Trista Smith

Zach Spadt

Sierra Stocks

Jerry Stott

Jerry Stot

Kurtis Struemke

Sarah Stucki

Sarah Sullivan

Anette Thornton

Molly Thornton

Lindsey Travis

Vera Trefethen

Wendy Watson

Em Wilson

Nathan Wise

Samantha Worden

Garrett Young

Jason Zeller

Melissa Zierlein

Katelyn Gambles



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