2019 Wind River NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/14/2019 - 3/16/2019

Registration Procedures:

1. The  initial registration deadline is March 4th, 2019 Online through Joy of Tournaments,

AND then physically at registration on March 14-which is when your paperwork is due.

You are required to bring copies of certain materials to turn in at registration. (NOTE:  You may download a pre-populated copy of your registration form directly from the [Entries] page of this website once you have registered your squad.)

Legislation is to be emailed to Joel Kuper  (jkuper@bgh3.k12.wy.us) by February 28. Joel will confirm receipt by email. Each school is allowed two pieces of legislation, identified by school, not student. All students from your school should have an authorship speech for your submitted legislation. Legislation needs to be properly formatted. Please follow this link if you need assistance with legislation formatting:


Remember oratory & informative scripts can be brought to registration - be sure they are signed,  confirming originality. Please review all these details, as outlined in the invitation and checklist.

In addition to your physical registration, you also need to make all appropriate entries at www.joyoftournaments.com.

Information on how to access necessary forms is included later in this invitation. A checklist for registration is also included. It is recommended that you follow the checklist to verify the completeness of your registration.

When "green sheets" are referenced, please be aware that these can be printed on white paper. This is the terminology to which many of us are accustomed.

c. Make sure all students have registered as users on the NSDA site. If they haven't, JOY will not recognize them as contestants and you will not be able to enter them for the competition . The District operations manual for districts says: The District Committee must also disqualify any new member student (new in the 2018-19 school year) who has not officially registered as a user on the organization website at https://www.speechanddebate.org 

2. Materials to be included with registration (please also refer to the enclosed checklist):

a. "Green" sheets [Tournament and Congress] with all signatures; students, and coach. Please be certain the names are spelled exactly as recorded with the NSDA.

b. Alternates must be listed at the bottom of each green sheet. Notice this year that no additions are permitted 48 hours before the tournament begins and a $5 fee for each day late or entry applies to all changes made after submitting the green sheets. There is a $1 fee for substitution of an alternate. The number of national qualifiers in any event is based on the number of actual participants so being able to substitute entries benefits these students and the entire District.  CAUTION ! ! ! TWO YEARS AGO A STUDENT WAS DENIED NATIONAL QUALIFICATION BECAUSE OF DROPS ON TOURNAMENT DAY.

c. Interpretation information must be listed on the green sheet. Without the title of the work, author, and ISBN number if available, your students cannot be entered. Bring Interp scripts, incuding the original source, to the tournament to turn in at Registration. When entering interpretation competitors into the Joy of Tournaments site, MAKE SURE you take the extra step to enter the interp information. This can be entered by clicking the event link at the bottom of the "Entries" tab page.

d. Oratories must be in the District Committee's possession by registration (March 14). Please include them with your registration. The script should identify the quoted materials, state the number of quoted words (should not exceed 150 words), include a work cited page in A.P.A. or M.L.A. format, and both the orator and the coach must attest by signature that the oration is the original work of the contestant. NSDA rules require that students be dropped from oratory if this deadline is missed. When entering oratory competitors into the Joy of Tournaments site, please take the extra step to enter the oratory title. This can be entered by clicking the Oratory event link at the bottom of the "Entries" tab page.

d1Informative Speaking   Review page 40 section 7 of the district operation manual.  You can cross apply all of the Oratory guidelines for content and manuscript to Informative speaking. 

d2. Progam oral interp.  All material must follow association guidelines. You can cross apply all of the interpretation guidelines for content and script requirements to POI. 

e. Doubling: The only events in which students are prohibited from doubling are the debate events. Students may not double in both United States and International Extemp. Students may double in team debate and duet only if the same partner is participating in both debate and duet. Students entered in more than one event need a single entry letter of intent form. More information on this is included later and available on the actual form. This form may require multiple signatures.

f. Quotas: The size of your entry is dependent upon the size of your squad. NSDA will have this information for you to reference on your login for NSDA. JOY will only let you to enter the number of events you are allowed as NSDA reports it to them.  Each team has an entry quota given  to them based on team size and # of degrees. This guidleine is listed in the front of the District Tournament Manual. Please note that team events, Policy, Public Forum and Duet, count as a single entry at this year's District Tournament.

h. District Congress: Each school has entries in the Senate and House. Please indicate on the congress form in which chamber your House entries should be placed. NSDA requires proportionate entries from each chapter or affiliate.

i. Congress Legislation: Please submit bills via electronic format only to Joel Kuper on or prior to 28 Feb 2019. No more than 2 bills or resolutions from each chapter will be allowed. Joel will then return congress packets to coaches, via email, as soon as possible. Legislation not received by this date will not be included in the docket.

j. Extemp Questions: There is not a requirement to submit extemp questions in advance.  We will obtain questions from the NSDA.

k. Chapter Strength and Membership: Please include a copy of your chapter record from https://www.speechanddebate.org to verify the number of degrees held by your school and the names of your members. Joy of Tournaments will not allow entries of students not recorded as members.

l. Judge Registration:  Please make sure all judges are entered into Joy of Tournaments.  When entering judges, please ensure the information on qualified events, available times and school restrictions is noted.  If the judge will only be available for specific times or events please put that in the comments.  Otherwise, we will assume they can judge all events and are available for all rounds.


m. Bonus Entry form: Include this if applicable to your school.

n. District Student of the Year: Please include this form if you have a nomination.

o. Vouchers: Please include a copleted voucher and a copy of the Entry Fee Form.

p. Cover Sheet: It is helpful if you can include a cover sheet with your school name and mailing address as well as all your personal contact information.

q. Registration: Registration is scheduled to run from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Thursday. It is particularly important for schools with Congress& Big Questions entries to reigster on time. We need your final information to set the distribution of students in chambers. Try to register earlier on this day. If significant schools register later, the schedule will be delayed and we will need to end the meet later on Thursday.

Important Note: To be registered you also have to enter the information on the green sheets at www.joyoftournaments.com.

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