2020 Wind River NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/19/2020 - 3/21/2020


Wind River District Congress and Tournament

Welcome to the 2020 District Tournament!

We will be hosting Congress and Big Questions at Rock Springs High School on March 19

We will be hosting Debates and IEs at Rock Springs High School on March 20-21

This invitation includes information helpful for registration.

Please Read Every Page on this Website. Each one contains essential information for you and your team's success at our National Qualifying Tournament.

Please be sure to review current NSDA manuals and follow all the protocols outlined in the manuals.

You are able to print out this invitation, the schedule and the checklist from the website so you have a hard copy for reference.

Again, please read this invitation carefully before filling out applications.

Please read the district manual (http://www.speechanddebate.org/districtforms) soon so that you have an opportunity to ask questions about the rules and processes. Most manuals have been revised since the start of the season. Please do not rely upon your memory for the rules. Many new rules have been adopted. Questions should be addressed to one of the committee members or simply review the manual.

We will NOT be using the new district pilot programs for tabulation this year. 

Wind River District Committee

Becca Pierson  

Lyle Wiley

Joel Kuper

Annette Thorton

Londe Gagnon: Chair : lgagnon@tcsd.org


Londe Gagnon 

Wind River District Chair

PO Box 14941

Jackson, WY 83002

Cell : 307-699-0537         



Some Misc Info: 



FINAL Deadline is at Registration on March 19th at Rock Springs High School 


Here's a friendly bit of advice for new coaches (and some of us oldsters) about registering. Start now! Please make sure to read all the page tabs on this site to make sure your entry is complete and correct. It IS possible to get a correct entry on the first try, but the key is to start immediately. Go ahead and make that tentative list of competitors and start looking for those interp sources. You need to bring the actual hard copy for drama, humor and duet to the meet. Students should be thinking of reserving library books in advance so they know they will be available. May the force be with you!


There are several steps to consider for your Registration - details can be found on the next page under registration procedures.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (The District Committee includes the following information to help in your preparations for Districts, but coaches still have the affirmative duty to make certain they are complying with all applicable requirements as outlined in NSDA manuals. The information in this invitation may not be complete. You are welcome to contact committee members for clarification.)


Congress Legislation: If Joel Kuper (jkuper@bgh3.k12.wy.us) does not receive your legislation electronically by 2 March, we cannot include it on the docket. Your student(s) can still compete in Congress. The impact is that they will not have legislation on which to present authorship speeches.

Informatives and Oratories:  Please be certain that they meet all the NSDA formatting rules, including:

1.The script should identify the quoted materials,

2.state the number of quoted words,

3.include a work cited page in A.P.A. or M.L.A. format, and

4. both the orator and the coach must attest by signature that the oration is the original work of the contestant.

If the District Chair does not have the oratory or informative by Registration, we will be required to drop your oratory competitor(s) from the tournament.


Electronics: Computers, Laptops, Netbooks, and IPADS can be used for any event allowed by the NSDA all rules governing their use outlined in the District Manual will be followed. CAUTION ! ! ! BE SURE YOU AND YOUR COMPETITORS REVIEW RULES FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES.  DO NOT BE DISQUALIFIED FOR AN  INFRACTION.  CELL PHONES CAN NOT BE USED AS TIMERS AT THE TOURNAMENT!


Tournament Management: Wind River will be using Joy of Tournaments for tournament management and results reporting.


Judge Strikes:  Wind River Districts will  allow one judge strike for the final round before the first round begins on Friday morning.


Please take a minute to make nominations for the following awards


 (The deadline for nominations will be March 19th at registration):

Student of the Year - https://www.speechanddebate.org/student-of-the-year-nomination-form/

Coach of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Alum of the Year
Communicator of the Year
Administrator of the Year
New Coach of the Year
Assistant Coach of the Year


Please submit a typed letter expressing the reasons for your nomination for any of these awards (except the District Student of the Year awards- for that one you must use the NSDA submission link listed above).

NSDA District Student of the Year Award: With the level of integrity, intellect, and character that is among the student population in each district, the NFL is proud to announce the implementation of the NSDA District Student of the Year Award. Each coach should nominate one student that exemplifies the leadership practices and positive qualities set forth by the National Speech and Debate Association The award will be based on coach nominations only. The link to this form is included earlier in this invitation.


Single Letter of Intent: Our District has opted to allow selected double entry at the District Tournament. Students may only enter one debate event. Students may enter only one extemporaneous speaking event. A student may enter both a partner debate event and duet only if this student has the same partner for both events. Students can only enter two events at the main tournament and may also enter Congress, for a maximum total of three events.

From the District Tournament Manual:

If any of the following National Tournament qualification scenarios are true, the letter must be filled out, signed, and presented to the District Chair prior to the start of the District Speech / Debate Tournaments and/or the District Student Congress Tournament.

  • The student has qualified in LD, Student Congress, or a solo event at a previous District Tournament and is now entering in a solo event, Student Congress, or LD.
  • The student and his/her partner have qualified in LD, Student Congress, or a solo event and are entering Duo, Policy, or Public Forum as teammates.
  • Two students have qualified as teammatesin Duo, Policy, or Public Forum, and each is entering a solo event, LD, or Student Congress or both are entering (as the same team) in Duo, Policy or Public Forum [NOTE: Students may never double enter in Policy and Public Forum but may double in Duo and one other team debate event if entered as the same team.]
  • The student is double entering in two of the following events: LD, HI, DI, USX, IX, OO,POI,IMP
  • The student is entering one or two of the following events: LD, HI, DI, USX, IX, OO,POI,IMP AND is also entering Student Congress.

If two students are entered in a team event as partners (and qualify for Nationals) and both also qualify in an individual event, these students may choose to enter the individual events at the National Tournament if pre-registered on the "Single Entry Letter of Intent" form prior to the ending of District Tournament registration. If two students are entered in a team debate event as partners (and qualify to Nationals) and the same partnership also qualifies in duo, these students may choose to enter ONE of the team events (as partners) at the National Tournament, if pre-registered on the "Single Entry Letter of Intent" form prior to the ending of the District Tournament in which the students will potentially double qualify.

Extemp Rules: Please refer to the National Tournament Manual about which items are allowed in Extemp. Laptops will be allowed in the extemp prep room but internet will not be allowed. Cell phones will therefore not be allowed. Laptops must be disconnected from wifi and cannot contain anything other than pre-downloaded extemp research (no prepared speeches or papers should be on the hard drive) . Contestants may make notes during preparation, but use of notes, card, briefs or other aids are prohibited during the speech. Please read the rules for more restrictions. Extemp files will be examined over the course of the tournament.

Contestants may not leave the prep area until dismissed by the Extemp Proctor. Consultation with any person other than the Extemp Proctor between the time of drawing and time of speaking is prohibited. Any competitor talking, passing notes or otherwise communicating after the draw for speaker one commences shall be disqualified.

Cross Examination in Extemp Finals: The Wind River Committee will allow cross-examination in the final round of United States and International Extemp, as per the format found in the National Tournament Manual.

Doubling: Members can enter Congress or Big Questions Debate and two events per the manual. For questions, see the current manualand the single letters of intent.

Extemp and Doubling: Extempers who also compete in Humor, Drama or Oratory are required to compete in their non-Extemp event first and then travel directly to the Extemp Prep Room.

Scripts: This is part of the wording found in the District Manual:

The original published source of any selection used in Dramatic, Humorous, or Duo, or if the source is unavailable, a microfilm or microfiche copy, must be immediately available at the tournament as well as a complete script of the cutting used. A complete script of the cutting would include:

  • A photo copy of every page from which any line of the source is taken; pages are to be in the order in which they are performed.
  • All words used from the script should be highlighted. (Any words/lines not used should be left unmarked.)
  • Any word changes (to eliminate inappropriate language/content) and/or additions (for transition) must be indicated clearly in ink.

It shall be the affirmative duty of each coach and each student entered in NSDA interpretation Contests to determine absolutely that the cutting being performed meets NSDA rules.

More Interpretive Information: According to the District Tournament Manual, selections must be cuttings from published, printed novels, short stories, plays or poetry. Recorded material (video tape, DVDs, audio tape, CDs or phonograph recordings) or material form the internet that is not published and printed is prohibited. Also, original material published in a high school publication is prohibited.

Scripts can be cut to fulfill the time requirements, however, adaptations and additions should be made for the purpose of transition (refer to NSDA manuals for more information.) All words used from the script should be highlighted on a photo copy version which is also immediately available at the tournament. In addition, any word changes (to eliminate profane language) and/or additions (for transition) must be indicated clearly in ink. A script cannot be altered to change the gender of a character. However, a female may play a male role and a male may play a female role.

When entering competitors in interpretation events on the Joy of Tournaments site, make sure you take the extra step to enter the source titles and information. This information can be entered by clicking the event links located at the bottom of the "Entries" tab page.

Public Forum and the Coin Flip: All public forum rounds have a coin toss. The pairing procedures for public forum, though quite similar to policy and LD, are a little different. More information is available in the District Tournament Manual.

Thank you all for understanding the changes to the processes. Please contact any member of the committee if you have any questions or concerns.



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