2019 Western Slope NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/1/2019 - 3/3/2019
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National Qualifers for the Western Slope CO district will be held at:

Gunnison High School, Gunnison Colorado

Joy of Tournaments & Paperwork Needed

You can register your students at joyoftournaments.com. Please do so soon so that we can know how many judges/rooms we’ll need.

If you have any trouble/questions with this, please email me.

For ALL interp events please make sure that you include the Title and Author of the piece on the Joy of Tournaments registration sight. This MUST be done before you come to compete. Failure to do so may result in your competitors being ineligible. 

For informative and original oratory please make sure that you include the Title of the piece on the Joy of Tournaments registration sight. This MUST be done before students compete. Failure to do so may result in your competitors being ineligible.

For ALL interp & speaking events it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you bring with you, and turn into the District Chair at the time of REGISTRATION...

  1. Interp - the ORIGINAL copy of the piece (book, script, etc.) and/or the NSDA district approved website(s) it was taken from 
  2. Interp - the SCRIPT (including the original intro) that the student plans to perform.
  3. OO & INF - the speech with all quoted words highlighted and the total number of quoted words counted and placed on the first page in the upper right hand corner and then signed by student and coach. All original oratories and informative pieces should include a bibliography page at the end. 

The district chair will collect this information during registration. Because of the amount of paperwork I will not be able to check each one at that time. Should a grievance be filed and your paperwork not be in order your student may face disqualification from teh entire tournament. Please spend time with your kids getting this together. Thank you so much. 


You will need to print, fill out, sign, and br bring the Tournament Registration Form/"Green Sheet". This should be done prior to the meet and handed to the District Chair during registration. I believe this is printed right off the Joy of Tournaments website on your team's registration page.

You will also need to print, fill out, and sign the Single Entry Letter of Intent form for every student competing in more than one event. These must be filled out prior to the meet and handed to the district chair at the time of registration.


Failure to produce these forms will result in students being ineligible to compete. Please prepare paperwork ahead of time. This helps us run an efficent meet. Thank you.


We still need as many judges as we can get. Please make sure you’re asking your students to ask their parents and their parents’ friends and their friends’ parents and so on. Please email Sherri Anderson at SaAnderson@gunnisonschools.net with any judges you are bringing. She is the coach of the host school. Thank you.


Please bring a check for the correct amount to the tournament, made out to “Eagle Valley High School." If you cannot bring it, please send it to 641 Valley Road, Gypsum, CO 81637. 

Entry fees are $12.00 per student.  

Extemp Topics

I should have the extemp topics for you at the beginning of the week prior to the tournament. They will be emailed out AND posted on the Joy of Tournaments website. 


Tentatively, we’ll start rounds at 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon. We’ll not start a new round after 9:30 pm per NSDA rules. We’ll start again on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Because we have to keep running rounds until we have a qualifier, we’ll go until we’re done.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.



Schedule (Tentative):

Please work to be sure that you arrive on time or early for registration. 

-- Registration, Friday 3:30 Friday
-- Rounds start @ 4:15pm Friday 
-- Rounds start @ 8:00 am Saturday

We will be using MARCH topics for debate.

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