2019 UIL NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 2/21/2019 - 2/23/2019

Tournament Book


UIL NSDA District
2019 District Tournament
Feb. 21-23, 2019
Northeast Texas Community College
Mount Pleasant

Dear coaches:

The UIL District's National Qualifying Tournament will be held beginning at 8:30 AM on Thursday, February 21, 2019, and continuing until we are done on Saturday, February 23. The tournament Friday will be held at NTCC in Mt. Pleasant.


Entries fees for this tournament based upon the following scale, plus $50 per school for hospitality.    


                        1-5 entries:   $75
                        6-10 entries:  $130
                        11-15 entries:  $200
                        16+ entries:  $260

You must register online by 3:30 PM on Friday, February 8, 2019.

Here is the link: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/nfl/uil/info.asp

Please remember that the NSDA rules are very specific (and sometimes ponderous) on entries. If we do not enter properly, we may lose our qualifiers in the events in which there are mistakes. Please read and follow directions carefully, and call me if you have questions. 

Entry Check-List

_____ 1. Login to joyoftournaments.


_____ 2. Click “continue” to verify that you have been linked to the appropriate school.

______ 3. Click to verify that your students' performance meet community standards.

_____ 4. Determine how many entries you are allowed. You will find this information on the JoT entry page, above the chart that shows your entries. Here is the chart of allowed entries as of 11:00 AM on 11/8/2018 – copied from the NSDA’s website:   


School Strength Debate/Speech House Senate
All Saints 122 29 7 2
Athens 55 16 4 2
Atlanta 24 10 3 2
Brownsboro 26 10 3 2
Caddo Mills 26 10 3 2
Chireno 25 10 3 2
Cross Roads 4 4 2 2
DeSoto 5 4 2 2
Ferris 16 6 2 2
Gilmer 2 4 2 2
Good Shepherd 15 4 2 2
Grand Saline 42 15 4 2
Hallsville 40 12 4 2
Henderson 12 4 2 2
Hooks 18 6 2 2
John Tyler 15 4 2 2
Leon 39 12 4 2
Lindale 159 32 8 2
Mabank 41 15 4 2
Marshall 22 10 3 2
Midlothian 24 10 3 2
Mount Pleasant 59 16 5 2
New Boston 0 0 0 0
North Lamar 65 18 5 2
Royse City 27 10 3 2
Sabine 5 4 2 2
Sherman 41 15 4 2
Snook 0 0 0 0
Texas High 8 4 2 2
Tyler Lee 0 0 0 0
Union Grove 41 15 4 2
Van 43 15 4 2
Whitehouse 22 10 3 2

Remember that the entries you may have had in Congress DO NOT reduce the number of entries you are allowed in Debate/Speech. 

_____ 5. Register your students on the JoT website.

a. You may enter up to 4 students (or teams) in any one contest.
b. You may enter up to your total entry allotment – see the chart above.
c. Students may enter up to 2 events.
d. Students may not cross-enter between debate events.
e. Students may not cross-enter between extemp events.
f. If a student wishes to enter 2 team events (CX and Duo or PF and Duo), they must have the same partner in both events.
g. Students must be members of the NSDA prior to February 15 in order compete at the district tournament.

Note: the final deadline for making changes (including adding entries) is 7 days prior to the tournament. You may continue adding points for your students; if additional points entries results in a change in your entry allotment, you may add entries through February 15. Call me if this happens for you. 

_____ 6. Enter your students’ interp selection/documentation information. On the entries screen on JOT, below the chart that shows your current entries, you will see links that say “Click on the following event links to register interpretation selections.” Click on the appropriate link and enter all appropriate information. Your students will not be allowed to compete without the information filled out.

_____ 7. Print the entry forms (green sheets) for Speech and Debate. On the entries screen on JOT, directly above the chart that shows your current entries, you will see links to download your registration sheets.

    a.   Click on “download NSDA district tournament registration form (main
    events greensheet).”
b. Fill in the blanks for name of chapter, location of tournament, and interp documentation on the form.
c. Print the form.
d. Sign the form.

 _____ 8. Fill out the Single Entry Letter of Intent for each student.

The rules state that a student may only compete in one main event at the National Tournament. In addition, every student must declare PRIOR to the beginning of the District Tournament which event s/he will compete in at Nationals if s/he qualifies in more than one event. Therefore, if a student is entered in more than one event, s/he must complete the single entry letter.

If your student wishes to prefer World Schools over one of their main events, they may do so on the Letter of Intent.  Not ranking it on the letter of intent does not preclude them from auditioning for the team. 

I am requesting, though it is not required, that you submit a single entry letter for every student EVEN IF that student is only entered in one event. This way, if you have to add that student to another event later, we’ll already have the Single Entry Letter signed and can just add the appropriate event. 

_____ 9. Enter your judges.

In order for us to provide a list of judges for schools to view for strikes, everyone must have their judges entered online in the JoT system no later than Friday, February 15. If your judges have not been entered by that time, the district will assume that you plan to buy your judges from the district and you will be charged accordingly. We do ask, however, that if you do plan to buy your judges, you notify us at the time you register your students so that we may make those arrangements.

_____ 10. Complete judge paradigms for all judges. All paradigm forms must be completed by 4:00 PM on Monday, February 18.  

The LD Paradigm book may be accessed at the following link:   

LD Book

The Policy Paradigm book may be accessed at the following link:   

Policy Book

1. Fill out the form from the link above.

2. Click "save as"
3. Save the document as "Event - first initial Last name" (ex. Policy - ACornish). 
4. Email the completed form back to  Andrew at this email address (uilnflparadigms@gmail.com). 
Once the deadline is reached, Andrew will combine the files and make a PDF for LD and Policy, which will be posted on JoY under the "Judge Strikes" tab.  

_____ 11. Order t-shirts. Email your t-shirt order to Sandy Spears by noon on January 29, 2019. S-XL shirts are (PRICES TBD) You may pay entry fees and t-shirts with the same check.

_____ 12. Prepare copies of oratories.

a. Underline any direct quotations.
b. Prepare a coversheet with the student’s name, the number of underlined words, and a statement that the oratory is the original work of the student.
c. The student and the coach both should sign the coversheet.

_______  13. Prepare copies of informative speeches.
               a. Underline any direct quotations. 

           b. Prepare a coversheet with the student’s name, the number of underlined words, and
               a statement that the oratory is the original work of the student. 

           c. The student and the coach both should sign the coversheet.

_____ 14. Email the following information to me at kdhodgkiss@gmail.com by 3:30 PM on Thursday, February 14, 2019:

a. District Tournament Entry Form (printed from JOT) – with all appropriate signatures
b. Single Entry Letters of Intent for all your students – with preference order
c. Oratories – with quotes underlined and quoted words counted, signed by student and coach 

d.  Informative Speeches - with quotes underline and quoted words counted, signed by student and coach

 _____ 15. Pay any outstanding membership fees to the NSDA. You will not be allowed to compete if dues are not paid. You may NOT include these fees on the entry fees check at the tournament – you may pay these at the tournament, but it will need to be on a separate check because we must mail these fees to the NSDA with our tournament paperwork.

_____ 16.  Submit judge strike forms by Wednesday, February 20, at noon.  (see the strike tab for more information). 

_____ 17. Bring with you to the tournament:

a. Entry fees - make check payable to UIL-NFL District.  Please do not          mail your checks.

b. Separate check for any outstanding membership fees you owe to the NSDA- made payable to National Speech and Debate Association.
c.  Separate check for judge bond (will be returned at checkout if all obligations are met)
d. Hard copies of all interp selections(POI, HI, DI, DUO).   Students who have not gotten documentation approved by the end of round 2 will not be eligible to advance to round 3.  
e.  Scripts of all interp selections, underlined or highlighted.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kristi Hodgkiss, District Chair and Tournament Director
Cell (903) 243-3602. Email kdhodgkiss@gmail.com.


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