2020 South Texas NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 3/30/2020

South Texas Schools:


Our NSDA Congress will be held Monday, March 30, 2020 at Bellaire High School.  There are a few important things to note for this tournament:

  1. Registration for this tournament is not complete until names have been entered on the Joy of Tournaments site and you complete the NSDA Congressional Debate registration form.  There is a button on this Joy of Tournaments page that will generate the NSDA Congressional Debate registration form complete with the names of your students. The NSDA registration form must be emailed or delivered to the district chairman no later than March 23, 2020.  Students that became NSDA members must also be registered on the NSDA website to be eligible for entry.  
  2. Check the chart below to determine the number of students you may enter in the tournament. 

    Members andDegrees          Senate Entries Allowed          House Entries Allowed

    1‐20                                                               2                                                   2

    21‐35                                                             2                                                   3

    36‐55                                                             2                                                   4

    56‐75                                                             2                                                   5

    76‐100                                                          2                                                   6

    101‐150                                                       2                                                    7

    151‐200                                                       2                                                    8

    201‐250                                                       2                                                    9

    251‐300                                                       2                                                 10

    301‐350                                                       2                                                 11

    351‐400                                                       2                                                 12

    401 +                                                             2                                                13

    Schools may enter unlimited students in the non-qualifying chambers (these chambers will not be qualifying for the national tournament but will serve to give experience to students who have not been chosen by their coach to participate in the qualifying House or Senate chambers.  It is important to read the Tournament Operations Manual in regards to Congressional Debate.  
  3. Deadline for submitting legislation is February 28,2020. Each chapter & affiliate school may submit up to two pieces of legislation (submit legislation using ONLY this resolution template or bill template.) A packet of legislation submitted by the deadline will be compiled and posted on this website. Schools are responsible for printing and distributing legislation to their students. No copies will be available at the tournament site.  Additional legislation will be chosen from other published packets if there is an insufficient number of pieces of legislation submitted by the deadline.  Submitted legislation will be used in both qualifying and non qualifying chambers. 
  4. Check back for more information concerning the time schedule and procedures of this tournament.
  5. All outstanding NSDA national fees must be paid by March 30, 2020 or you will not be allowed to compete. [NSDA rule.] 
  6. Students wishing to serve as presiding officer shall apply for appointment on the Joy of Tournaments website.  

If you have additional questions please contact me at BellaireDebate@sbcglobal.net or call me at 281-704-7765.


Jay Stubbs

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