2019 Sierra NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/21/2019 - 3/23/2019

In addition to awards for our National Qualifiers, the Sierra district will be providing the following awards. 

  1. Plaque for students with 1,000 NFL points 
  2. Plaque for students with 1,500 NFL point
  3. Plaque for students with 2,000 NFL points (if any)
  4. Plaque for h ighest point earner at each school, that is participating at Nat Quals (Speech/Debate not Congress)

 We will also take nominations for the following awards: 

1.      The District Student of the Year Award is given to one student who best embodies the traits of our Code of Honor: humility, integrity, leadership, respect, and service.

2.      The District Alumni Achievement Award showcases a speech and debate alumni from your district who has utilized their speech and debate talents to achieve success for themselves and the speech and debate community.

3.      The District Communicator of the Year Award showcases individuals who utilize their speech and debate talents in ways that profoundly impact the lives of others.

4.      The District Principal of the Year Award honors principals who have succeeded in providing high-quality opportunities for students in speech and debate programming as well as demonstrating exemplary contributions to the profession.

5.      The District Volunteer of the Year Award showcases individuals who has given extraordinary time and talents to the mission of meaningfully involving more students in speech and debate.


To submit nominations for District Student of the Year go to:  www.speechanddebate.org/student-of-the-year-nomination-form/


For all other nominations go to: goo.gl/forms/DwBjQjAa5iEeDtMu1

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