2019 Sierra NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/21/2019 - 3/23/2019

Student Registration

Remember- all students must be registered with the NSDA website in order for their degrees to count and for them to compete at the tournament. You will know when a student is registered by the blue check mark in the "Districts Eligible" column in the NSDA points application. Students that are not registered with the NSDA will not show up on your squad list. 

World Schools Debate

Students interested in competing in World Schools Debate will need to submit an application to the District Committee- deadline to submit is 4/6/19 @ 8am. The application will open AFTER Nat Quals ends on 3/23. The link has been emailed out to coaches and is also available here. goo.gl/forms/vpCTjNDEUt


*If students plan to apply for WSD, they MUST turn in a Single Entry Letter and include WSD, BEFORE the start of the qualifer on 3/21. This MUST be done, even though students have not yet applied to WSD at this time. Use the link below for Single Entry Forms. 

TOURNAMENT MANUAL (click to download)

Please use the tournament manual for any questions you might have about events, rules, or guidelines. We will NOT be using the Pilot Tournament Manual. 


Please draw your attention to the pages which delineate the procedure for having laptops in extemp prep.  These guidelines and procedures outlined will be followed directly.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be using the CHSSA topic areas in both foreign and domestic extemp.


SINGLE INTENT FORM (click to download)

Please use the single intent form for student(s) who is/are competing in two events and must choose if they were to qualify in both.  Students must have this form PRIOR to qualification.

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