2019 Sierra NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/21/2019 - 3/23/2019

Checks should be made out to Sierra-NFL for entry fees.  Bring your entry fee check with you to the tournament. Sierra-NFL dues are also to be paid.  Pay the NSDA any outstanding balances (dues or memberships) 7 days prior to entry. If it gets to tournament time, and you still owe the NSDA ANY amount, you will have to bring a check for the balance or you will not be allowed to compete. Please make one check with entry fees and dues (if you need to) to Sierra-NFL, and one check with outstanding balances to the NSDA.  DO NOT combine these two payments (money for Sierra and money owed the NSDA) into the same check please.


Each body is $6.00

Each team (DUO/Policy/PF), therefore, is $12.00

Each School pays a $25.00 School Fee 

Each School pays Sierra Dues:$50.00

*Invoices will show a combined Fee of $75 for both the School Fee and Dues. 

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