2019 Sierra NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/21/2019 - 3/23/2019

National Qualifying Tournament for

NSDA Sierra District

March 21st, 2019 through March 23rd, 2019

***Please explore this ENTIRE site for fee information, schedule changes, protest forms/help, and the MANUAL that can help answer many of your questions!***

Any facility questions can be directed to David Wells, Bakersfield High School Director of Forensics.  Any tournament/entry questions can be directed to Nicole Jennison, Sierra District Chair Person.
Entry Deadlines:  
All other event entries are due to joyoftournaments.com  by 4pm on March 14th, 2019.  You must enter online by March 14th or you cannot compete. Within 48 hours of the start of competition, only cancellations or subsitutions within the same event can be made. 
You must also download from the website the official tournament entry forms. After you enter, click on the button that says download NSDA entry form.  Print it and then get the signatures. You must bring the official entry form with the proper signatures to registration on Thursday at Bakersfield HS. I cannot accept your entry without all proper signatures because it needs to be sent off to the NSDA.
Please fill out the single letter entry forms also. If you have students that are double entering (with certain rules) then they must fill out one of these forms.  This is if they are double entered in two I.E. events without partners.  They must pick which one to attend nationals in.  If one of their events is Duo and the other is an I.E., then the student has to go in the Duo (unless both make it and decide to go in their other I.E.)   Also, the only way they can double enter in two events with partners is if they have the SAME partner for both events.  If they do, then they need a form to say which event they will go to nationals in.  Make SURE the official form with signatures and all single letter intent forms are done in the right way.  These must be turned it at registration - before the start of the tournament. If forms are not turned in and your student ends up double-qualifying the Committee will decide their event. 
*If your student plans to apply for World Schools - they must include World Schools on their Single Entry Letter. 
Script Requirements:

You must bring the original source for interps. The original source is the actual novel, play, book that the cutting comes from. You must also bring a CHSSA-like highlighted copy. You will lose any protest that may occur if you fail to have these items at the tournament.
*All Interps need to complete the Interp Bibliography and Script Verification Coversheet for EACH ENTRY (this is part of the Registration paperwork/Green Sheets found on the Entry page. 
Please note: the NSDA only allows added words for the purpose of transition or to eliminate profanity. Please read the rules regarding interpretation events in the NSDA district tournament manual.
Original Oratories and Informatives must follow MLA or APA format.
You must type your own cover sheet that says, "I certify that this is my original work." The student signs it. Under that statement the coach types, "I certify that to the best of my knowledge this is the original work of my student." Then the coach signs it.  You must also include the number of quoted words. See NSDA District Manual for clarification (Under the rules for each event, pg 41-42). Just as with interps- these scripts must be available in the event of a protest and failure to produce the script will result in the protest being upheld and the appropriate penalty enforced. 

*Both Informative and Original Oratory are limited to 150 quoted words. Number used should be included on the coversheet. 


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