2019 South Carolina NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 2/2/2019

S C District CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE Registration

February 2, 2019
Southside High School
Greenville, SC


December, 2019

 Dear South Carolina Coaches,

It’s time to start thinking about the District Congressional Debate Tournament.  The District Committee and I are looking forward to hosting your team at the District Congressional Debate Tournament to be held at Southside High School in Greenville.  The District Congress will be held in conjunction with the Southside Invitational. Students participating in the District Congress will not be eligible to compete in the Southside tournament.

Remember that we must have 8 schools in the Senate in order to qualify 2 from that chamber.  In order to have 2 House chambers we need 31 students entered.  This year we will qualify TWO from EACH House chamber!

The NSDA has combined all information into a "Unified Manual." Congress rules can be found starting on pages 33-35 and 71-75.  Entry eligiblity and limits are found on pages 63-64. 

This letter directs you to registration forms and pertinent information.

The "green" form to register for the district congress will be generated when you register on JOT.  

The website form can be filled out directly on your computer, but I must receive a hard copy with the required signatures from you.  Make sure you use the new form which requires you to assign your team into groups for the different chambers. 

Please pay close attention to deadlines as many of the due dates are absolute.   


_____ January 5, 2019  The NSDA will publish JANUARY Congress legislation which can                         be found at  https://www.speechanddebate.org/topics/. This is the legislation we                                    will use for our Feb. 2 Congress qualifier tournament.


         _____ January 25, 2019 District Congress entry forms must be in the hands of Gail                                 Nicholas and on JOT.


     YOU MAIL YOUR ENTRY IN TIME TO REACH Gail by January 25:  

Gail Nicholas

Bob Jones Academy

1700 Wade Hampton Blvd

Greenville, SC  29614

2.  All students wishing to participate in the District Congress Tournament must

     be recorded as members of the NSDA with the National Office seven days prior

     to the tournament.  Your apportionment for the Congress is located on the NFL  

     website under your login and membership list or page 60 of the manual.

3.  The rules for nominating the presiding officers can be found on page 73 of the


4.  Your entry must include the following:

            ____ congress entry form and school consent form filled out and printed from JOT.

            ____ proof of NFL membership (NFL number next to name on entry, photocopy                                 of membership card, printed school list from NSDA website)

            ____ coach’s signature on school consent form

            ____ Judges’ registration 

            (Remember- you must provide sufficient qualified  judges)

            ____ prepayment of all fees (PLEASE!!! This speeds up registration.)

            ____ Home telephone number and cell phone number

            ____ Email address


Please note:  There is JOT registration for District Congress.

Proof of membership: All students entered into the District Congress MUST be NSDA member SEVEN days prior to the tournament. This should be completed by 4pm CST.

NOTE:  All Congress contestants may also enter the District tournament in March.  A single entry letter of intent will be required to enter the District tournament in case you qualify in both Congress and another event.  However, qualifying in Congress does not exclude you from participating in the District tournament.

IMPORTANT:  Please print out and read the new Unified District Manual on the SC website.  There are always changes each year!  And there are many rules not covered in this letter that your students must know.


For directions to Southside and for hotel information, go to the Southside tournament information on JOT.

 Please call Gail Nicholas at 864-270-8556 (cell) with any questions.

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