2020 Rushmore NSDA District BQ Tournament
Dates: 3/27/2020 - 3/28/2020

Welcome to the Big Questions and World Schools Qualifiers!

A couple of notes:

1 - Big Questions has to be run the same way we run other debate events at quals - meaning it is a double-elimination tournament until 1 person is left.

2 - For World Schools - we will ONLY have a qualifiers for this if there are more than 10 students interested in competing for the spots. IF that is the case, we will run it like we have in past years. In that we will randomly pair up students and they will compete against each other on 3 person teams. The judge will not give wins/loses, but instead will rank the students 1-6 based upon their performance. Then taking the cumulative rankings, the top ten students with the lowest ranks will qualify.

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