2019 Magnolia NSDA Congress Tournament
Dates: 2/1/2019 - 2/2/2019





  • A student may not qualify to Nationals in more than one main event.

  • Students may enter only one team event -- Policy Event, Public Forum Debate, Duo Interpretation -- at the District Tournament unless the same two (2) students enter more than one team event together.

  • No triple entries are permitted at the District Tournament (this does not include Congress).

  • The District Committee may choose to allow double-entry at the District Tournament.

  • If a student qualifies in a team event and a solo event or Congress at the District Tournament/Congress, the student must attend Nationals in the team event.

  • A student who is double-entered at the District Tournament/Congress in two solo events and Congress or in one solo events and Congress must determine in advance, in writing signed by the student, coach, parent/guardian, and principal, the soloe event or Congress that s/he will enter at Nationals. This form, the Single Entry Letter of Intent, which has to be signed and filed seven (7) days before the Tournament with the District Chair as a part of the team entry, is enclosed in this packet.

  • If a student double-qualifies in one solo event and in Congress or in two solo events and in Congress, the alternate qualifies for Nationals in the category(ies) not chosen by the student.



  • The Magnolia District Committee voted to permit all doubling allowed by NSDA national rules except doubling in debate...

    • A student may not...

      • double-enter in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Policy Debate.

      • double-enter in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Public Forum Debate.

      • double-enter in Public Forum Debate and Policy Debate.

      • double-enter in Foreign and Domestic Extemp.

    • A student may...

      • double-enter in one debate event and one individual event.

      • double-enter in Dramatic Interpretation and Humorous Interpretation. 


The same two (2) students may enter more than one team event together

  • The same two (2) students may enter both Policy Debate and Duo Interpretation together or both Public Forum Debate and Duo Interpretation together.

  • The Single Entry Letter of Intent addresses this provision.

  • All NSDA rules cited above also apply at the Magnolia District Tournament.

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