2020 Hole in the Wall NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 2/20/2020 - 2/22/2020
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General Information
Updated 1/21/2020
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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that everything is going well…

I just wanted to drop a line or two and communicate what is going on for our District Tournament. This is one of those communications that you want to read thoroughly and that you want to keep on file. It contains all the critical information for the Hole-in-the-Wall, NSDA district, National Qualifying Tournament that will be held in

Cheyenne East High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming

It also includes the step by step process that you will need to employ in order to successfully register for this event.

First, Please do not forget to go to the NSDA website to explore and examine the current high school unified manual.

, go to the JOT website and submit your online entries. Be sure to not only enter your students in their events, but you will need to also list their interp selections, the titles of their orations and informative speeches, as well as register your judges. There is a place for each on the website. Sign up early and make changes as you need. We will use this site to determine where we are at for numbers. I will try and see if I can leave the numbers entered into each event public so you can always see if your drop will reduce the number of qualifiers we are allowed to have. Please submit All JOT Entries by the deadline.
Third, we are asking that all judges, whether they are traveling as part of a school requirement, or just going to generally help out, go to the Formsite we have setup to complete their application. Please submit all applications by the deadline. Any school judges that are registered on the JOT website, but have not completed the Formsite questioner will not be counted toward that school’s requirement and that school will be charged for judges accordingly. Once again - Judges that are to be counted toward a school's obligation will need to register on BOTH the JOT website as well as on the Formsite link listed below. The coach adds their name to JOT and the judges themselves will fill out the Formsite information.
Here is the link for the Formsite application:

Fourth, here is the official “to do/check off” list along with the due dates to help you in your planning and submissions for the district meet.
· By February 1st electronically submit the legislation your team wants to use at the District congress to:  Eric Johnson <Eric.Johnson@k12.sd.us>  Two bills/resolutions are allowed to be submitted from each participating school – but only one will be selected from each program. Please look at the congress rules to be sure that the legislation is properly formatted. We will take the bills in order of submission, compile and then e-mail them to the Hole-in-the-Wall coaches. For example if two schools submit “Affirmative Action” legislation the first one that gets it to Walter will be accepted and for the second school he will pick the alternate legislation. Please be careful that all your legislation is representative of a national qualifying congress. If you choose to submit your legislation at the last second please know that your topic area may have already been used. 
· By February 7th complete a preliminary signup on the JOT website so that we can evaluate our numbers.
· By February 14th fax the following to Mr. Viney 307.771.2679 - or you may choose to email scanned signed copies to Marcus Viney <marcus.viney@laramie1.org>
  1. Final registration entries due on the JOT Website.
  2. Sign up the interpretation titles on the JOT website.
  3. Sign up the OO and INF titles on the JOT website.
  4. Sign up the judges you are using for your school obligation on the JOT website.
  5. Have all the judges, including coaches, complete the Formsite application.   http://fs16.formsite.com/HITW/form10/index.html
  6. Your district entry form (Green Sheets) 
    Don’t' forget to complete and send the Interpretation Bibliography Forms and the Script Verification Forms (This is separate from #2 above)
  7. Your district congress entry form (Green Sheets) (if applicable) 
    Looks like we will have 3 house chambers
  8. Your district tournament bonus request form (if applicable) 
  9. All your single entry letter of intent forms 
  10. Do not send OOs, INFs, and IE selections in advance but collect the required hardcopies of everything.  Make sure that OOs and INFs are signed by both the coach and the student performing.  Please bring everything with you to the national qualifying tournament.
· On February 13th Go to the JOT website and print out your bill for entry fees and, if possible, bring a check with you for that amount to the district meet.

· By February 17th compile the following forms and have them ready to bring with you to the meet.
· Original sources and word processed documents of any scripts your kids are using
· Either a pre-filled out voucher or your check to cover your entry fees.
o Voucher should be filled out to:
Hole-in-the-Wall NFL District
C/O Marcus Viney
East High School
2800 East Pershing BLVD
Cheyenne, WY 82001

o Please note that failure to use this exact address may delay receipt of payment as the post office is being very picky on what mail they will deliver.

Hole in the Wall Congress Qualifier
We are planning on continuing to host a one day congress that consists of 6 hours of competition split up in 2 sessions of 3 hours each. We will allow for breaks between the sessions so please talk to your kids about staying in the room as much as they can - even if they have blown precedence :)
Eric Johnson <Eric.Johnson@k12.sd.us>  will collect and organize the district congress bills. He will need to receive them by the deadline above, a copy of the congress bills that the school wishes to have considered at the national qualifier. Late bills are highly discouraged as they are unfair to the other competitors. Late bills will be set at the bottom of the docket. Remember that we are only allowing one bill or resolution per school in the competitive docket, But we are encouraging all schools to submit two quality legislative items.  Eric will organize these into packets and pass on electronic copies to the member schools. Please e-mail your legislative items to him directly. Eric will confirm receipt of your entry. The link to his e-mail address is above.                       
Legislative Items – Bills/Resolutions will be available as soon after Feb. 1st as possible.  Any legislation submitted once the docket is advertised will be placed at the bottom of the docket.  We will randomly set the docket the morning of the tournament and distribute the results at registration. Dockets will not be changed in the chambers.
Please be considerate of the content and format of your school's legislation. Remember that the NFL rules change frequently so a review of them may be in order. Updated national rules can be found on the NSDA website. Typically, a national qualifying congress is a bit more formal then what we see at regular school tournaments. This is true respecting dress, behavior and legislative content. Please review the District Congress manual as well as the Mission that is on its cover page. There are normally changes in format as well as tabbing of the national qualifying contest so be sure you have the current manuals in possession. It has been a goal of the NFL to continue to enhance the quality of congress as well as provide updated information about how it is run. Having students work toward this end will simply make them better competitors now and help them when they make it to nationals.

A few coaches have noted a concern that some of the students are not remaining in the chambers during competition. I think that we did an excellent job last year. I just want to remind students that that the chamber would benefit from their participation. In addition, the student will benefit from earning the speaking points. Remember points that are earned at districts are above and beyond those allowed regular season allotments. Also, please remember that non-participating students could change the number of allowed qualifiers if we are close in numbers so this is pretty important.

The procedure for qualifying out of a chamber for national Congressional Debate:
This is the NFL required posting that explains how we will be qualifying students...
We have one Senate and expect 3 houses if we have the numbers for it.
One qualifier out of each house and two out of the senate as numbers warrant.
Judges in preliminary sessions will rank each participant with the top ranked students being advanced to nationals. There is no student vote.
Kids have to speak in their chamber or they will not be counted toward the membership numbers used to determine qualification numbers. This means that if enough kids fail to speak, we may end up dropping a qualifier in one of the houses at the last second. This would be discouraging to say the least. If a competitor does not speak and we are forced to drop a qualifier, then the dropped qualifier shall be out of the room where the non-speaking member attended.
- The rules dictate random placement of kids in the sessions. We have done this for a while now and I just wanted to let you know that is what will happen again... You must fill out the back of your congress green sheet and split your kids up evenly among the houses. 6 kids in three houses must be split 2-2-2 and not the 3-3-0 like what was allowed it the past.
Each hour of presiding will count toward recency/precedence. So that everyone knows, we add those speeches to the recency/precedence list at the end of the hour/session where the points were earned. If the chair was elected at the start of the session and chaired for the entire amount of time, the first speech of 4-8 points will be added after the first hour, the and the second 4-8 points to be added at the end of the second hour and so on...
- The national office also states how we decide to nominate chairs. So please review these rules under the Presiding Officers section.

Hole in the Wall National Qualifier (IE events and Debate)
Please remember that NFL Policy does not allow what have been referred to in our district as ghost entries. We will need a warm body performing in the room in order to count them as an entry.  With the addition of POI (Programmed Oral Interpretation) and Informative Speaking, these will count towards entry limits and will count towards sweepstakes trophies.
There is NO Doubling in 2 debate events, or in both extemps. That means no LD/PF or CX/PF or LD/CX or FX/USEX doubles - sorry... You can double in two team events such as CX and DUET if and only if both teams are composed of the same partners and they have both completed and submitted the Single Entry Letter of Intent forms correctly.
We will use the available tournament software (Joy of Tournaments) to run all events at districts. What we will do is let the tournament software set the rounds and pairings and assign judges. Last year it worked exceptionally well.
When we started using JOT I spoke with Scott Wunn and reviewed some of the possible issues that could come up at district tournaments where the software is used exclusively. Because there is no clean system in place to double check the finer elements of paring and such, we will use the software as the final authority in these events unless there is a gross error. Definition of gross error will be determined through the protest process with the district committee making final determinations. This was the suggestion of, and is supported by, the National Office. As NSDA Tradition has been, any protests regarding such errors will need to be filed prior to the round starting.

We are once again going to use the Joy of Tournaments Website (JOT) to register this year. We ask that your preliminary numbers by the preliminary deadline so that all schools can see how the final numbers are shaking out. This will also let us know of any shortage in any events. Final entries will be due on the JOT Website by the final deadline.  After that time the site is closed and billing will be finalized.
Please remember that there is no charge to have alternate entries listed on your green sheets. If in doubt - at all - list the extra kids that you have on the squad on the green sheets as alternates so if anything odd should happen between now and the start of the tournament you and your kids will be covered.

There is a link on the NSDA website for the National Tournament Single Entry Letter of Intent(SELI) Doubling form that you can fill out online and then print. These SELI "Doubling Forms" are due via fax or signed scanned copies emailed to Walter Farwell by the deadline, and MUST match the entries you have posted on the JOT website and include all the required signatures. A wise person would have all the kids traveling to districts fill out the SELI form - even if they are not doubling. That way we will have all our bases covered in case there is an oversight.

Please remember that we will be checking with the NFL website to make sure that all your entries are registered NFL members and if there are any problems you will need to have proof of membership at registration. We will also assign an adult to double check oratories for originality.

We are still down on our overall district strength so please understand that it is a push to qualify three in as many events as we have in the past. It will be a great help if schools would be sure to bring their full allotment of entries to the tournament - even if a kid has to try a new event :).
Fees will be $7.50 per congress entry, $10.00 per individual event entry and $20.00 per double, team, paired event entry with a $35.00 per school fee.

Hole-In-the-Wall District Tournament School Judge Obligations

The district decided to continue the policy of requiring schools to bring judges in order to help cover rounds and to help diversify the pool. As a result, it is required that all schools must bring a full time judge for every seven entries at the district meet. A buy-out option is available and can be found on the JOT website, but we ask that you do not utilize it because more money does not necessarily produce the bodies we need.
1-7 entries* = 1 full time judge that can do most all of the events and commits to a minimum of 10 time slots in which there are events actually running. This does not mean that they will get ten rounds - we just need the flexibility of assigning the slots.

= 2 full time judges that can do most all of the events and each pcommit to a minimum of 10 time slots in which there are events actually running. This does not mean that they will get ten rounds - we just need the flexibility of assigning the slots.

15-21* = 3 full time judges that can do most all of the events and each commits to a minimum of 10 time slots in which there are events actually running. This does not mean that they will get ten rounds - we just need the flexibility of assigning the slots.

and so on...
*Entries include all events - including the congress entries. So if a school enters 5 congress students and 18 main tournament entries then their total is 23 and they need to bring 4 full time judges.

A coach or assistant coach can serve as a required judge - 1st year out people cannot.
We ask that you try to recruit people who would not normally be attending the district tournament to judge and not just sign up people who are already on the list. It simply does not help to use a college student who has already committed to attend as your obligatory judge. Of course coaches and assistant coaches can fill this requirement without any worries as long as they commit for the full weekend and offer to do most of the events....

Judges that are filling school requirements will need to complete a judging application as well as be posted by the coach in charge on the JOT site. They also need to be prepared to be used quite a bit and be able to judge a variety of events. This has been a continuing issue - A judge is signed up by a head coach as a "full time, they will cover our judging obligation, individual", and then when that person signs up on Formsite they tell us that they can only do one event and that they will only be available for two or three rounds. Once again, please, judges that are fulfilling school obligations need to be available to judge a variety of events and be available for the duration of the tournament. We have also had individuals sign up and then hide from us. This is not an acceptable or professional practice.

Hole-In-the-Wall District Tournament Judge Selection Procedural System
(Known a strikes in the past)

This will only be honored if it is determined that there are enough judges pre-registered for the tournament. The district committee will make the final determination of availability of strikes and strike numbers on Feb. 15, 2019 before the posting of the strike request web link.
We are going to again complete an online registration of judges this year. All judges and coaches will need to complete the online form. After forms are completed they will be posted on a web site that all member schools will have access to. Coaches can feel free to go through these forms.
Judges who are not traveling with a school as fulfillment of that school's judging obligation and who have pre-registered for the tournament a minimum of seven days in advance will be eligible to be paid $15.00 per round used.  If they are used as a congress judge and parliamentarians will be paid $15.00 per hour for their services.

Walk-on judges will be allowed at the meet but are HIGHLY discouraged. Priority for judging assignments will be given to a school's accompanying judges and judges that have registered via the website a minimum of seven days in advance of the tournament.
Walk on judges will need to be posted in the tab room for a minimum of three tournament operational hours before they may be used to allow time for strike adjustment if necessary. Walk on judges run the risk of not being paid for their services.
It is encouraged that first year out students do not come to the tournament with the expectation to judge a number of rounds because they simply are not used much and usually leave the tournament greatly discouraged.

All judging applications are due by and judge selection sheets are due by the established deadlines. There will be a website form that schools can complete in order to report those judges that should be excluded from being assigned. This form will be posted through an e-mail message the day after the initial applications are due. We were still short on judges last year so I ask that you try to not request too many strikes unless there is a compelling reason.
If there is a large enough initial pool, as determined by the district committee, schools will be allowed to request that up to 3 debate (CX, LD, PF) and 3 speaking (OO, FX, DX,) and 3 interp (HU, DR, DU) judges be withheld from judging that school. The head coach will be the sole person responsible for adding and removing judge names. Preliminary requests will be due to the tournament director via a website form that will be filled out. Schools will be allotted an additional 3 requests against walk on judges once everyone arrives at the tournament. These are in addition to any requests left over from initial registration. An unlimited number of requests will be honored against first year out of high school judges.
Only requests submitted by the deadline will be recognized for the first two rounds of each event. Due to the scarcity of judges, no requests can be honored for Legislative Debate or Parliamentarians.

Any protest that is the result of this judge selection procedural selection system must be made prior to the round in question starting.



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