2020 Florida Oceanfront NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 2/21/2020 - 2/22/2020





February 21: Congress @ Palm Beach State College,

Palm Beach Gardens campus


February 22: Speech/Debate @ William T. Dwyer HS


Please read EVERYTHING carefully!


Questions about entry, meals, or NSDA rules?

Contact: Paul L. Gaba


561-795-4911 or 561-352-0635


 An Overview


All NSDA chapters in the Florida Oceanfront District are cordially invited to participate in this year’s District Tournament, to be held on the campus of Palm Beach State College: Palm Beach Gardens campus on Friday, February 21 from 7am-5pm, and William T. Dwyer High School all day Saturday, February 22.


These tournaments determine all of our district’s congress, speech and debate event qualifiers to the Lincoln Financial Group/NSDA National Championship to be held June 14-19, in Albuquerque, NM.


NSDA District Tournament entry procedures and event rules are different from CFL and FFL tournaments; please expect to meet all of the requirements established by NSDA. The NSDA staff will audit the entire tournament. Our failure to follow NSDA procedures could result in the invalidation of our results, so it is imperative you meet all deadlines and follow all NSDA rules. The District Committee must follow and enforce NSDA policies!


The District Tournament Philosophy


The Florida Oceanfront NSDA District will be running pilot events in 2020. These are the same pilot rules under which we operated in 2019.



- We have traditionally been able to field three Houses, with around 60-63 students (20-21 per House). This has allowed us to send three to Nationals out of the House. Under the pilot rules, the same number of students competing in the House would allow six to represent us at Nationals. {This does not include Senate entries/qualifiers; those numbers remain unchanged - we still need to have 8+ schools represented in the Senate to send two to Nationals out of that chamber.}
- We need to have a "Super Congress" House chamber of between 18-24 students.
- There needs to be 10 minutes per student per chamber factored into the length of the session. If there are 20 in a prelim House, that's 200 minutes (3 hours, 20 minutes) of required "prelim" debate. The same time ratio applies to Supers.
- Judges still need to be "unaffiliated"

- Judges/parlis in prelim rounds CAN judge in the House super session, EVEN IF they judged in a prelim House.



- Minimum four DEBATE prelim rounds (unless there are only four entries; in this case, running three rounds is acceptable)
- 1 or 3 judges for prelim rounds, 3 judges for elim rounds
- Judges need to start including points for prelim debate rounds since it's not a 2-down system.
- Rounds 1-2 are random preset; rounds 3+ are powered
- We need to run elim debate rounds - either all entries with a winning record or only teams with zero or one losses. These go into a single-elim bracket. Rounds are held until we are at the two finalists (since those two entries are our national representatives).


- Minimum three speech prelim rounds
- 1 or 3 judges for prelim rounds, 3 judges for elim rounds
- Any event with 8+ entries must break to elims
- Quarterfinals for 22+ entries in an event
- Semifinals if 15-21 entries in an event


Get All of the Facts!


While this website will highlight major rules and procedures, each member school has an affirmative responsibility to review the rules that are published by NSDA.  Specifically, all coaches should go to the NSDA website and review the NSDA Unified High School Manual.


Coaches should copy the event-specific rules and judging guidelines for their students and judges so that everyone will know what to expect. Coaches have an affirmative duty to verify that their students’ interpretation pieces and oratories conform to NSDA publication guidelines. Coaches should also confirm that their debaters’ case citations conform to NSDA citation guidelines. All of this information is available in the publication mentioned above.


We look forward to working with you!


Your Florida Oceanfront NSDA District Committee:

Paul L. Gaba, Angela Anyzeski, Daryl Hall, Richard LoSardo, and Traci Lowe

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