2018 Eastern Missouri NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 2/24/2018 - 2/25/2018


National Speech and Debate Association

Eastern Missouri District

Congressional Debate will be Saturday, February 24, 2018

at Parkway West High School!





This site is for the District Competition in Congressional Debate!  Use this to register your students for Congressional Debate Districts ONLY.  To register your students for the Speech & Debate District Tournament held March 8-10, 2018, follow THIS LINK.





  •  This Joy of Tournaments site is used to handle registration and (for Congress), house some (but not all) of the important information.    So... instead, for additional info not found on the JOT pages, use these links:

  • The Legislation Deadline is January 19th, 2018.

  • The "soft deadline" is Febraury 5th, 2018.  Please have your initial entries entered by this time.  This gives the NSDA District Committee time to play around with numbers and help you with any problems you have along the way!

  • The "hard deadline" is February 16th, 2018.

    • On this day, registration will officially close.

    • Your "green sheets" (which Joy of Tournaments will print for you when you finish entering your students) are due to Justin Seiwell.  You can turn them in at the Marquette Tournament.


  • Per NSDA Rules, ALL AFFILIATED SCHOOLS are permitted to enter 2 students in the Senate.

  • Per NSDA Rules, the number of house entries you can have is determined by your chapter strength.  Joy of Tournaments will not allow you to exceed this number.

    • You are encouraged to DISPERSE your entry between the houses -- in other words, if your school has four house entry slots, we suggest placing one student in House 1, one in House 2,one  House 3, and one House 4 (as opposed to putting two in House 1 and two in House 2).  While you have the ability to do that, the reality is that you're then forcing your students to compete against each other.

  • You will need to indicate which, if any, of your students are "PO Eligible" via registration.  ONLY these students will be able to run for Presiding Officer during the district tournament.

  • After registration closes but before the start of the tournament, the District Committee will meet to BALANCE the chambers.  This is so that an equitable number of PO Candidates exist in each chamber.  Thus, the WAY you pair your students will not change, but the house that you assign them to might.  This is done looking only a numbers, not names, so the District Committee has no control or input over which students are competing against each other in the House -- it is done randomly!

  • For congress, PLEASE USE YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE ENTRY ALLOTMENT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.  See the "Advance to Nationals" page for more details.








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