2020 Tall Cotton NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 2/20/2020 - 2/22/2020


 Tall Cotton NSDA District Meet
 February 20-22, 2020

The Tall Cotton NSDA District Meet will be held at Texas Tech. Thank you to Adam Testerman. Thanks also to Lubbock HS and Jayson Anderson for hospitality. 

The deadline for entering students is February 11, at 5:00 p.m.  We will allow double entering but you must bring to registration the single entry letter of intent, found on the Forms page, with all the necessary signatures.  This includes students who competed in congress, even if the student did not place, and congress MUST be included on the single entry form. The same is true for students who might compete in Big Questions Debate if they are eliminated.   This form must be turned in at registration.  Any student who does not have one of these forms, filled out completely and accurately, with appropriate signatures, on file at the beginning of the tournament will not be allowed to double enter. These forms have to be sent in to the National Office with all the district results. Please refer to the current District Tournament Manual for restrictions on entries. 

You will need the following forms at registration, filled out completely and accurately, to compete: District Registration (Once you have entered the registration, a green box will appear in the middle of the [Entries] page. You will see a download link where you can print the NSDA District Tournament Registration Form--formerly called the Green Sheet.), Single Entry Letter of Intent (for every student entered in more than one event--including congress), and District tournament bonus form (if applicable to you).

Entry fees are as follows:

LD Debate $50
CX Debate $50
Public Forum $50
Duo $35
Individual Events $35

Big Questions $20 

Flat Fee for Senate entries: $100 per school

Flat Fee for House entries: $100 per school


Entry deadline is Tuesday, February 11.



Interp:   You will need to bring the originals for all of your interp material. This will be checked at registration.  Make sure that you enter the titles of duo, humorous, dramatic, and orations online when you enter your students. For electronic verification, only NSDA approved online sources will be accepted.



Oratory AND Informative: You must enter the titles of your oratories and informatives on the registration website. Then, copies of your oratories and informatives must be sent to and received by Ryan Lovell.  You will need to include the following: highlight, italicize, or underline all quoted words, state the number of quoted words, include a works cited page in APA or MLA format, and attest by signature of both the coach and the student that the speechn is the original work of the contestant.  Deadline for these to be received in Ryan's hands is February 13, at 4:00 p.m.  You will get confirmation that they have been received. You may email them to ryan.lovell@amaisd.org  and bring the signature page to registration with you. 


Debate: Topics are listed on the NSDA website.  Be sure to use the Jan/Feb LD topic and the February PF topic.  


NSDA Student of the Year Nominations are due in-hand to Mellessa Denny by 4:00 pm February 15.  The form can be found on the NSDA website. 


Judges: Because of the growing need for judges for our district tournament, coaches will be assigned rounds as needed throughout the tournament.  Coaches will not be assigned to an event in which they still have students competing. Those assigned a duty by the district committee will not be asked to judge except on an emergency basis.  

If you feel like you cannot fulfill the judge requirements for your school, you may bring another person. If you cannot find another person or fill the obligation yourself, you can buy your way out for an additional $200 fee. If you fail to show up for an assigned round, you will be billed $200. 

Additionally, each school SHOULD submit names of judges to the judge chair to ensure we have a diverse pool of judges and everyone is helping to make the tournament a success.


Our goal is to provide a diverse pool of judges for our tournament. However, we CANNOT do this without your help. Please refer all potential judges you know to the Judges portion of this website. OR, email the contact information of potential judges to seth.pietsek@abileneisd.org who is our judge chair this year or mellessa.denny@amaisd.org. We will gladly contact them.

Please download and print the current NSDA District Tournament manual from the NFL website so you will know the rules. We want to send the best group of students that our district can to Nationals.  

Thank you so very much! If you have questions, contact Mellessa Denny at the following:

Phone 806-236-0190




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