2019 Arizona NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/28/2019 - 3/30/2019


If as student does not qualify to the NSDA National Tournament there is still one more opportunity. We will be having a Big Question Debate Tournament on April 6th. We will run a 3 or 4 prelim round tournament. The number of break rounds will be dictated by the number of students entered.

For more information about the format and rules of Big Question Debate, please go to https://www.speechanddebate.org/big-questions/



The committee has decided to choose our World Schools Team(s) by using a method that uses alternates from the Qualifier. Depending on how many WSD teams AZ is allowed to take to the NSDA National Touranment in June, sometimes it is one and sometimes it is two, we have decided to remove ourselves or any chances of impropriety that can occur in an audition process and simply use the 1st or 1st and 2nd Alternates from the events whose skills directly transfer to WSD. These events are Congressional Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Extemporaneous speaking and Original Oratory. If an alternate does not accept a position on the WSD Team, we will offer it to the next highest ranking alternate. 

All students who accept a position on the WSD MUST guarantee they will be available for daily practice for the entirety of the two weeks prior to Nationals. Team members will not be allowed to miss practice for vacation, Girls' or Boys State, etc.


The World Schools DebateTeam(s) need coaches. These coaches must be available to begin working with the competitors as soon as they are chosen and then commit to working with them daily as a group for the 2 weeks preceding the National Tournament. We have to provide 1 judge for each team tne NSDA allows us to take to nationals. If you are interested in coaching the WSD, please contact Meg.


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