2019 Arizona NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/28/2019 - 3/30/2019


Each school may nominate one person for each of the following awards.  These award nominations forms are all online at this LINK and must be submitted by Thursday, March 21st. The committee will vote and announced at the end of the awards ceremony. (Note: when you open the link, scroll down a bit to the chart of links labeled District Tournament Forms.)


Student of the Year Award:  The Student of the Year Award recognizes the one student who best embodies the traits of our Code of Honor: humility, integrity, leadership, respect, and service. This award showcases individuals who utilize their speech and debate talents in ways that profoundly impact the lives of others.

Coach of the Year Award:  This award recognizes high school coaches who exhibit outstanding leadership and commitment to speech and debate activities.

New Coach of the Year Award:  This award recognized individuals who has given extraordinary time and talents to the mission of meaningfully involving more students in speech and debate.

Assistant Coach of the Year Award: This award recognizes an exemplary high school assistant coach serving at an NSDA member school.

Administrator of the Year Award:  The Principal of the Year Award honors principals who have succeeded in providing high-quality opportunities for students in speech and debate programming as well as demonstrating exemplary contributions to the profession. 

Additionally ARIZONA NSDA Honors each school's Top Point Recipient

Top Point Recipient with the CHAPTER LEADERSHIP AWARDCoaches, please take the time to identify your chapter's top point recipients for this year. This does not mean that your chapter's top point earners for their career, but the most active student on your team who have earned the most NSDA points this year.  Please email this information to Meg Howell at mmhowellhaymaker@mpsaz.org by Thursday, March 21st with the other nominations. The committee will then begin the process of verifying your nominations.


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