2019 Arizona NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/28/2019 - 3/30/2019

MEMBERSHIP DEADLINE:  Deadline is March 21st!  Please remember that each school and each student must be a member of NSDA seven (7) days prior to the tournament in order to be eligible to participate in the District Qualifier. If a student's name does not appear on JOT, it is because they have not earned enough points OR paid the dues to the NSDA for their individual membership OR because they have not created an account on the NSDA website.


NSDA CHAPTER FEES:  Your team will not be allowed to compete in the District Tournament if you owe any monies to the NSDA National office for memberships, etc.  If you have not taken care of these by the time of registration for the District Tournament, I MUST collect those fees as well. Get you paperwork done now!  Do not delay!


ENTRY QUOTAS:  When you log on to JOT, above the big green box, you will find your current chapter strength and your quota of entries. If your numbers do not correlate with what JOT has determined, you should contact the NSDA office. I have no control over those numbers. Each school / chapter is allowed a quota of entries based on the number of active members and degrees on record in the National Office seven (7) days before the tournament.


ENTRY DEADLINE:  The Registration deadline is Thursday, March 21st.  You will need to register for the tournament by computer at www.joyoftournaments.com.


OFFICIAL ENTRY FORMSAfter you entered ALL of the necessary information for your entry on JOT, (competitors in the events, all Oratory titles, all Informative Speech titles, all Interp information) go to the big GREEN box and click the link that says NSDA District Tournament Registration Form.  This is the OFFICIAL Entry Form.  You should print this form, obtain the necessary signatures, and then BRING THE ORIGINAL FORM WITH YOU TO REGISTRATION.  Please do not send it to me before the tournament.


ENTRY CHANGES:  Drops, Adds, or Substitutions must be emailed to Meg Howell AS SOON AS YOU KNOW THEM. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, call Meg at 480-294-7455.



A student MAY enter two events in addition to having competed at the District Congress.

A student may NOT double enter in any debate event: Policy, LD, or PF.

A student may NOT enter both Extemp events: IX or USX.


SINGLE ENTRY LETTER OF INTENT FORM:  According to NSDA rules, a student must designate, prior to the District Tournament, which event s/he intends to enter at the National Tournament upon potential double qualification. No double entries are allowed at the NSDA National Tournament.

Each student entering more than one event, this includes having already entered the Congress Qualifier, MUST fill out this form and get all the necessary signatures. Bring the signed forms to registration. Failure to submit the Single Entry Letter of Intent Form prior to Round 1 will result in disqualification from the tournament or denial of double entry.


DEBATE TOPICS:  We will be using the current topics in each category.

Policy Debate – 2018-2019 Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2019 March/April Topic

Resolved: The illegal use of drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice.

Public Forum Debate – 2019 March Topic

Resolved: The United States should promote the development of market rate housing in urban neighborhoods.


ORATORY and INFORMATIVE:  Please submit Oratory and Informative Titles on JOT. Additionally, students who compete in Oratory and Informative MUST upload a copy of their speech(es) plus works cited page to the www.turnitin.com website by Thursday, March 21st.  If your students have never used Turnitin.com, please click this link for complete instructions. I have named the class Arizona District NSDA. In order to access the appropriate class students will need the Class ID #: 20557579 and the Password: Dallas2019 (Take notice that the PW uses caps and no space).

Since the oratories will have been submitted to turnitin.com, you only NEED TO SUBMIT the Statement of Authenticity at registration:

“This original oratory (or informative speech) is the original work of the __________ (student’s name) from __________ (student’s school).  This oratory (or informative speech) contains _____ (number) of directly quoted words.”

This statement must also be signed by both by both the student and the coach.


INTERP SELECTIONS (INCLUDING POI):  Please enter all of your interp information on JOT. Additionally, coaches MUST submit photocopies of the original interp selections (not typed copies) with the cutting highlighted at registration. All added words for transition purposes, MUST be noted in the script where they occur. Make sure to include a copy of the title page, the copyright page with ISBN number highlighted and the table of contents if there is one. If the selection comes from a novel or a longer literary work, only copy the pages that contain lines used in the students cutting. Also, make sure to put the student's name, event and school on the front page. Protect yourself even further by bringing a copy of the original text with you to the tournament. Put all of these items in a case, box or notebook with your school's name on the cover.


ENTRY FEES:  The Tournament Entry FEES are due by check, cash or PO at registration at the tournament.  Checks or POs must be made out to Arizona District - National Speech and Debate Association. Please see the Invitation Tab for the NEW W-9.


JUDGE REQUIREMENTSWe understand the difficulty of finding quality judges for the duration of the tournament, so we are trying to modify this process in such a way to lighten the burden on your quota and also provide the best possible judge pool.  As are result, we have modified our requirement slightly.


1.  Schools are required to meet their JUDGE OBLIGATION each day regardless of their       standing in the tournament.

2.  Debate:  Each school is REQUIRED to bring their quota of judges. Quotas are as follows:

     For Thursday and FridayEach school must provide 1 judge for every 2 debate entries.

     For SaturdayEach school must provide 1 judge for every debate entry originally                   entered.  Please remember, we will need to put 3 clean judges in each round once we               reach the debate elimination rounds.

3.  Individual Events – Each school with Individual Events entries is REQUIRED to bring 1           judge for every 3 IE entries. We are required to use 3 judges in each prelim round.

4.  If you can provide additional judges, please help out the tournament by doing so.  The           more unaffiliated judges each of us can round up the better the tournament will run.

5.  Three judge strikes per school will be allowed in Policy and LD debate only.

6.  Judges for final rounds must be two years out of high school.


NSDA  MANUALSThese manuals are available on the NSDA website and will keep you in the know.  Because it is each coach's responsibility to understand the specific rules and regulations for entering and competing in this tournament, the committee implores each of you to take the time necessary to read and understand the newly updated District Tournament Manuals.  In fact everything you need to reference rules, regulations or necessary forms to register for the NSDA District Tournament is available at this one link:   District Tournament Forms and Manuals

The above link will access the following manuals that include rules and regulations, forms & judge cards:

District Tournament Operations Manual:  Rules, instructions, procedures and awards for the district tournament and congress.

Competition Events Guide:  Includes rules, and judging guidelines for the various competition events and is recommended as standards for any tournament that claims to use NSDA rules but the District Tournament Event Guidlines are in the Unified Manual.

Recent Rule changes:  Lists recent (past three years) rules changes that affect NSDA districts.  This is most important for Congress, Policy, LD and Public Forum Debate.

Single Entry Letter of Intent:  Must be completed if a student intends to double-enter in two events (or two events + Congress), since students may only enter the National Tournament in one event.

District Tournament Bonus:  A school that has two entries (who actually compete) in each event may enter two additional entries in the tournament.

Judge Philosophy / Paradigms:  We are going to try to continue to use Arizona Judge Philosophies to register all judges. Every judge will be asked to register prior to the beginning of Round 1.


1.     _____  NSDA School Membership and Student Membership Fees will be paid and up                to-date at least 7 days prior to the NSDA District Tournament.

2.     _____  School Entry will submitted to JoyofTournaments.com by Thursday, March 21st.

3.     _____  Single Entry Letter of Intent Forms will be submitted to Meg Howell by                               Thursday, March 21st.

4.     _____  Oratories with works cited page must be submitted to Turnitin.com by                               Thursday, March 21st.

5.     _____  The Official Registration Forms and the Bonus Entry Form with mandatory                     signatures must be submitted at registration.

6.     _____  Tournament Entry Fees will be paid by check, cash or PO at registration.

7.     _____  For ALL Oratories and Informatives, the Statement of Authenticity must be                        submitted at registration with appropriate signatures. See above.This statement                  must also be signed by both the student and the coach.

8.     _____  Photocopies of the ORIGINAL Interp Selections will be submitted at registration              with the lines highlighted.

9.     _____  Judges' Registration filled out online prior to Round 1.

10. _____  Your school's nominations for AZ NSDA Student of the Year (submit via Link                     online), Alumni of the Year, Communicator of the Year, Volunteer of the Year,               and the Principal of the Year are due by Thursday, March 21st to Meg Howell.

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