2020 Western Ohio NSDA BQ District Tournament
Dates: 3/28/2020
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Hello and welcome to the 2020 Western Ohio Big Questions National Qualifier!  

Date:  Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Location:  Whitmer High School, 5601 Clegg Drive,  Toledo, OH 

Entry Limit:  Currently the entry limit is 6 per school.  Big Questions are ONE person debates.  You can add more than 6 to the wait list.  They will be accepted based on space/time/judges.

Judge Requirement:  Each team will need to submit 1 judge per entry.  Judges MUST have experience in judging debate.  Since we do not run Big Questions, any debate experience is acceptable.  

Event Information:  We will be running the same debate method that was used for the National Qualifier on February 14-15.  This would be the up/down method.

Topic:  Resolved: Objective Morality Exists.

Rules:  The format for Big Questions is Attached.

Schedule:  Registration will begin at 8:00 am  Round 1 will begin at 8:45 am  We will run round 2 immediately after and then move on from there.  

Food:  There will be food provided.  Please plan to stay in the building and purchase food there.  We will be running rounds very quickly.

Fees:  Entry fee is $10 per student.  Students MUST be a member of the NSDA to compete.  Drop fee is in effect at noon on March 25th.  Any drop after this deadline will incur a $5 penalty.


At any point please feel free to contact me at either bprater@fcs.org or 419-392-7948.  




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