2019 West Los Angeles NSDA Tournament
Dates: 3/29/2019 - 3/31/2019


Remember, the procedures for this tournament are very different from those at other league tournaments. If you are unfamiliar with those procedures, we encourage you to check out the tournament handbook: https://www.speechanddebate.org/rules-forms-manuals/ .



1. There will be no cross examination in Extemp speaking finals.

2. To the extent there are any conflicts between this invite and the district manual, the NSDA rules will govern.

3. We do not use the California Plan in IE.  This means that we are using an UP/DOWN system.  Once an entry has 2 downs, they are eliminated from the tournament.  At the point in which we have 7 entries or fewer, we will have a final round.

4. Every school must have a coach or a designated adult present for the entire tournament or the school will be disqualified. Coaches shall be available to judge whenever necessary. Your school's judging commitment extends an additional round after elimination.


[Debate Resolutions]


Lincoln Douglas Resolution: NSDA March/April Topic


Public Forum Resolution: NSDA April Topic


Policy Resolution: NSDA 2018-2019 Topic


Qualifiers: The number of students we qualify in each event depends on the number of competitors we have.


Scripts: The NSDA is exceedingly strict about the legality of interp scripts. Scripts must be brought to the Tournament.


At the district qualifier itself, the original published source of any selection used in POI, Dramatic, Humorous, or Duo must be available at the tournament as well as the complete script of the cutting used in case of protest. It is the affirmative duty of each coach and each student entered in these events to make sure that the cutting meets NSDA rules. (The script needs to have a photocopy of every page used; all words used must be highlighted; and any word changes or additions must be indicated clearly in ink.)


Students who qualify will have to send a photocopy of their material with their entry to the National Tournament, along with the piece, the title page, and the copyright page.


Original Oratory/Informative Speaking Scripts: Must be received by the tournament director (Iain Lampert) by Thursday, March 21, 2019.  The script must be signed by both the student AND the coach attesting that the work is the original work of the contestant. Signatures should be included on the cover page of the script.  Please see OO/INF rules below.


Informative Speaking/Original Oratory Rules:

1A) Oratory.  This contest shall comprise only memorized orations actually composed by the contestants and not used by them during a previous contest season. No visual aids are permitted.  

1B) Informative.  An informative speech is an original speech designed to explain, define, describe, or illustrate a particular subject. The general purpose of the speech is for the audience to gain understanding and/or knowledge of a topic. Any other purpose such as to entertain or to convince shall be secondary. The use of audio/visual aids is optional (see the bottom of this page).

2) Subject. Any appropriate subject may be used, but the orator must be truthful. Any non-factual reference, especially a personal one, must be so identified.

3) Length: The time limit in Original Oratory/Informative Speaking is 10 minutes with a 30 second grace period. If there are multiple judges in the round, all must agree that the student has gone beyond the grace period. Should a student go beyond the grace period, the student may not be ranked 1st. There is no other prescribed penalty for going over the grace period. The ranking is up to each individual judge's discretion. Judges who choose to time are to use accurate (stopwatch function) timing devices. No minimum time is mandated.

4) Quotation. Not more than 150 words of the oration/informative speech may be direct quotation from any other speech or writing and such quotations shall be identified in a printed copy of the oration supplied prior to registration. Extensive paraphrasing from other sources is prohibited.

5) Script. Oratory/Informative manuscripts must be available at all district tournament contests in the event of a protest. However, it shall be the choice of each individual District Committee whether or not to require these materials be submitted prior to the contest. The orator's script must identify the quoted materials, state the number of quoted words,
include a work cited page in APA or MLA format, and both the orator and the coach must attest by signature that the
oration is the original work of the contestant.


INFORMATIVE RULES ON AIDS) In Informative, audio/visual aids may or may not be used to supplement and reinforce the message. During the presentation, no electronic equipment is permitted. The use of live animals or any additional people as visual aids is not allowed during the speech. Items of dress put on and removed during the course of the presentation are considered costumes and may not be part of the contestant’s presentation. Visual aids may not violate law (weapons, drugs, etc.) The host school is not responsible for providing any facilities, equipment, or assistance in a contestant's use of visual aids. Expedient set up and take down of aids is expected. If a visual aid displays published pictoral material, the source must be included in the work-cited page but does not need to be cited orally. 

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