2018 Northern Lights NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 11/14/2018
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Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Northern Lights Coaches,

     I am delighted to invite you to attend the National Qualifying  Congress tournament at the State Capitol in St. Paul on Wednesday, Nov. 14.  This will be the first national qualifing Congressional Debate competition where are all three Minnesota  NSDA districts will be in attendance.  Thanks in advance to Ross Eichele of  the Southern NSDA district and Zach Prax of the Central NSDA district for this opportunity.   In the past, we have been able to create chambers in which non-NSDA members may compete; this year because of limited access we will only have a Senate and two Houses; all three of these chambers are national qualifying chambers.  We will not be able to hold a Super Session because of time and space constraints. 

     The information below will you help you register for this tournament.

You will need to register your debaters on Joy of Tournaments. The registration window for Congressional Debate  will close at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 7.  This is a non-negotiable deadline (after the deadline, no adds will be accepted - only drops).  If you list alternates, and need to sub that alternate in, please let us know that as soon as possible.   

      The green sheet will automatically fill as you register your students.   Should your student not appear on your chapter list, it is likely that you have not finished all of the details for that student when they became a member, or you may have to simply click on "Refresh".  Students who have stars behind their names will appear on your chapter list in NSDA. They should also appear on Joy. 

     We will have a Senate and two houses.There will be a screen that asks how you would like to split up your debaters; you will need to fill that in as well.  Once you are finished, please print it and bring it along.  This is your official registration form which will be sent to the national office.   

Be sure to complete both pages.   

     In the past you have been asked to provide one judge for every nine entries; that is not the case this year.  Central, Northern Lights, and Southern will share judges, and those Northern Lights coaches  who are able to Parli or Score will be asked to Parli or Score for one of the other districts.  Please indicate that you are willing to do this.      

National Qualifying Congress     Nov. 14, 2018

 8:30              Registration   

 8:45              Meetings and Oath of Office 

 9:00              Session I

 12:00-1:00    Lunch 

  1:00 - 4:00   Session II


Fees: 6.00 / speaker  


           Each school will sumbit two pieces legislation to Cody Dorumsgaard before Oct. 12.Cody's email:   Packets of legislation will be sent to you prior to the break for MEA.  Please do not include student names on the legislation.  Please indicate school of origin by  including "Submitted by School Name". Cody's email:  Dorumsgaardc@district279.org

Congress Personnel

We will use three adults in each chamber each session.  Congressional Debaters will be scored by 6 adults. If you have expertise as a Parli or Scorer, please include that information.  



*Presiding Officers will be chosen from those nominated from the floor when chambers convene.

*Students may earn up to 40 NSDA points per day for Senate and House I; PO points will be awarded on a scale of 8 per hour in the  chambers.

*PO’s and Parliamentarians in Senate and House I must be sure that everyone speaks for our numbers to count.


        Bring along:   Signed green sheets,  Northern Lights fees (The check should be made out to Northern Lights.) and outstanding fees owed to the national office. (The check should be made out NSDA). Zach and Ross have volunteered to make name plates for our debaters. 

   I look forward to seeing you in November.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Dave Pritchet

Northern Lights Chair









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