2019 Heart of Texas NSDA Tournament
Dates: 3/1/2019 - 3/2/2019
NSDA Heart of Texas District Tournament
Invitation and Information
Dear Colleague:
You and your squad are cordially invited to attend the National Speech and Debate Association Heart of Texas District Tournament and Congress Meet on March 1-2, 2019, at McNeil High School.
This tournament allows students to qualify for the NSDA National Tournament to be held June 16-21 in Dallas, Texas.
If you would like to participate and have not yet joined NSDA as an affiliate, I urge you to do so immediately. You will find the necessary forms online at: https://www.speechanddebate.org/join/. Your school must become a member of our district, and you must enter your students points at least seven business days prior to the district tournament.
For current members of the Heart of Texas District, please fill out the following forms and email them to Frank Rivera (frankrivera@chaparralstaracademy.comwhen you have completed them: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/District-School-Entry-Forms.pdf
If you have any questions, feel free to contact one or more of the NSDA Heart of Texas District Committee members listed below. We hope to see you in February!
Frank Rivera (District Chair)                   Joe Uhler                                          Ruishi Wang
Chaparral Star Academy                          Westlake HS                                     Westwood HS
14046 Summit Drive                                4100 Westbank Drive                       12400 Mellow Meadow
Austin, Texas 78728                                 Austin, Texas 78746                        Austin, Texas  78750
512-989-2672                                           512-464-6000                                   512-464-4000
Marco Bazan                                           Kirsten Nash
James Bowie HS                                     Hendrickson HS
4103 Slaughter Lane                               19201 Colorado Sand Drive
Austin, Texas  78749                              Pflugerville, Texas  78660
                        512-414-5247                                         512-594-1100
Tournament Dates:
Friday, March 1st          Congress Portion of District Tournament (morning/afternoon)
              Extemps/BQ/CX/LD/PF (Rounds 1 and 2)            
Saturday, March 2nd       Remaining Events and Rounds of District Tournament
All events will take place at ...
McNeil High School
5720 McNeil Dr.
Austin, Texas 78729
Tues., Feb 19th           Final entry due on Joy of Tournaments
Mon., Feb 25th           Official entry forms with signatures must be scanned and emailed to 
Wed., Feb 27th            Drop deadline (4:30 p.m.)  

Entering NSDA Points and District Participants:
If you have not submitted all NSDA points for your students, please do so at your earliest convenience in order to finalize your members and degrees on record for entry slots. Please fill all of your available slots so as to give the greatest number of students from our district the opportunity to qualify for NSDA Nationals. NOTE: Your members and degrees that are on record with NSDA 7 days prior to the district and congress tournaments will officially determine the number of available slots. All students participating in our district tournament must be registered on this Joy of Tournaments 2019 NSDA Heart of Texas District Tournament page.
A student may enter two events at the NSDA HOT district tournament and may enter congress. However, a student may not enter two debate events or both extemps. If a student chooses to enter more than one event at district and/or congress, a ‘Single Entry Letter of Intent’ must be completed indicating the event in which the student would prefer to participate should the student qualify for NSDA Nationals in multiple events. Keep in mind, a student is allowed to enter only one main event or congress at the NSDA National Tournament.
Our district will offer Big Questions Debate for the second time. Entry into this tournament only conflicts with NSDA entry in that students who compete in Big Questions must prefer the other NSDA events over entry into Big Questions if they should qualify both to the National Tournament. Students may enter the maximum number of events (2 individual events + Congress OR 1 debate) AND Big Questions Debate. 
Entry slots for our NSDA district tournament are calculated by event. Each individual event counts as one slot and each team event counts as only one slot. A double entered student counts as two slots.
The formula for calculating the number of entry slots for our district tournament is as follows:
Members         Number           Members         Number           Members         Numbers
& Degrees      of Entries         & Degrees       of Entries         & Degrees      of Entries
1-15                 4                      71-80               21                    181-200           34
16-20               6                      81-90               23                    201-230           35
21-30               10                    91-100             24                    231-260           37                   
31-40               12                    101-120           27                    261-300           38       
41-50               15                    121-140           29                    301-350           39       
51-60               16                    141-160           32                    351-400           40
61-70               18                    161-180           33                    401-500           42
                                                                                                 501-600         43
                                                                                 601+             44
In addition to the slots listed above, if a school has two entries in every NSDA event, who actually compete at the district tournament, that school may enter two bonus entries into the tournament, but not more than four in each event. There is an additional form to fill out on the NSDA website for bonus entries.

Please find the number of slots allowed for your school at https://www.speechanddebate.org/rankings/.
The formula for calculating qualifying numbers to NSDA Nationals is as follows (based on numbers actually participating in first round):

Entries Required per Qualifier

National Qualifying Level 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifiers 3 Qualifiers 4 Qualifiers
Level 1 At least 4 entries 16 team entries


20 solo entries

32 team entries


46 solo entries

56 team entries


66 solo entries

Level 2   At least 4 entries 30 team entries


38 solo entries

50 team entries


58 solo entries

Level 3   At least 4 entries 10 team entries


12 solo entries

50 team entries


58 solo entries

An explanation of requirements to achieve a particular level is explained on the NSDA
Tournament Administration:
We will be using NSDA evidence rules. Coaches and competitors are expected to familiarize themselves with these rules.
We will utilize the up/down system of 'two downs and you’re out.'  We will post 'up and away' lists (students advancing to the next round) starting after round two of each event. We are required to use panels of judges in all IE events beginning with round three and debate events when eight competitors remain. It is crucial that you submit your numbers by February 13th so that the district committee may plan appropriately for judging needs. The sooner you get your entries in, the better!
The NSDA requires two individuals to audit each event round by round. Thus, we will utilize coaches to run events, so at least one coach from each participating school must be available for duty in the tab room. Tab room and other tournament administration assignments will be determined by the district committee and sent out prior to the tournament. Please understand that the tab room is CLOSED during this tournament. Students may not see their ballots until the entire school's entries have been eliminated from the tournament. Schools caught violating this rule risk disqualification from the tournament.
Internet in Congress, Debate, and Extemporaneous Speaking:
This year, the Heart of Texas District will try the pilot option of allowing internet access in Big Questions Debate, Congressional Debate (both House and Senate), Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Policy Debate, and Public Forum Debate. Find the specific rules explanation provided by the NSDA here: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/Pilot-Internet-Rules.pdf
We will be using the March topic for PF, the March LD topic, and the 2018-2019 CX topic. The Big Questions Debate Topic is the 2018/2019 topic: "Resolved: Humans are primarily driven by self-interest."

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