2020 Gulf Coast NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 2/27/2020 - 2/29/2020

Gulf Coast NSDA National Qualifier 

Febuary 27-29 

Gregory Portland High School

4601 Wildcat Dr, Portland, TX 78374




600 W. Norris

El Campo TX, 77437

Your District Committee is excited about our districts National Qualifying tournament to be held Febuary 27-29 at Gregory Portland High School.  Please consult the NSDA National manuals so that you are fully aware of all NSDA Rules prior to the tournament. 

  • Entries are due Feb. 17 (Monday) on the joyoftournaments.com website.
  • Feb. 13  local awards and Congress Legislation due.  Please email Congress legislation to kskinner@ecisd.org.  Legislation will need to follow the proper requirements and format. 
    FYI - The district committee is not using any new pilot rules.
    • Student of the year (form is on the web site)https://www.speechanddebate.org/student-of-the-year-nomination-form/
    • Principal of the year ( write a letter of recommendation explaining why this person should be considered)
    • Volunteer of the year (write a letter of recommendation explaining why this person should be considered.)
    • Coach of the Year
    You may read more about these awards on the NSDA web site. 
  • Tournament Paper Work is due Feb. 21.  Signature pages of entries may be scanned and emailed to me at kskinner@ecisd.org.  I must have the letter of intent forms.  You may also scan and email them to me. https://www.speechanddebate.org/rules-forms-manuals/.  Make sure you bring the originals with you to the tournament.
  • If you are not sure HOW MANY entries you are allowed there are two ways to find out:  log on to the tournament for registration and it will tell you, or log onto your NFL/NSDA account and check your schools strength.  Then, check the chart found in your NSDA District Tournament Manual.
  • You will need to bring the originals, with all required signatures, to registration for the district tournament. 
  • You will need to email your oratories and informative speeches to me by Feb 21.  Make sure you also turn in a copy of all competing oratories with a proper cover page at registration this is to have on hand in case the judges request to view it. (it should match what you have emailed me.  Any changes you have made must be brought to our attention.
  • Interpretation: Please look carefully at the registration form and complete all the required information.  Any entries which are not complete with selections and documentation information entered into the JOT website by Feb. 25, will not be allowed to compete.
  • All students who are entered in two events must complete a Single Letter of Intent form scan and email it with the original entry.  
  • You may mail all forms to me but it should be post marked by Feb. 19  if I am to recieve it by Feb 21.  My mailing address is 600 W. Norris, El Campo TX, 77437.
  • The forms can be found when you enter on JOT.  There are links provided.  
  • Registration Form - You may download a "pre-populated" registration form directly from the [Entries] page of this website after you have registered your team.  
  • Single Entry Letter of Intent 
  • Bonus Entry Form  


  • Check out the recent NFL rule changes:
  • Although there will be no double entries at Nationals, the District Committee has been given autonomy to approve double entry at our tournament.  Please review the following points of clarification:

1.   No triple entry is allowed at the District Tournament. (A student may do two events PLUS Congress) 

2.  Students may only enter one team event.  We can allow all possible double entries except Policy/Duo, Duo/Public Forum, and Policy/Public Forum.  Students may only enter one debate event (THIS YEAR this incleds BIG QUESTION as a debate event).  Students may only enter one Extemp Event. 

3.  If a student qualifies in a team event and solo event, the student must compete in the team event [Policy, Duo, and Public Forum] unless both students qualify in an individual event and indicate that on thier single letter of intent form. 

4.  A student who is double entered in two events at the District Tournament must determine in advance, in writing, signed by the student, coach, parent/guardian, and principal, the event that he/she will enter at the National Tournament if they qualify in both.  Students may not double enter at District without turning in the "National Tournament-Single Entry-Intent to Enter Form". This form is available for downloading from NFL online.  Also note that if a Student finished in the top seven in Congress and is entered in another event, they must declare whether they will enter Congress or the other event at Nationals. (Please make duplicate copies of this form to have available for your students in the event that they are desirous of double entering, or are available to compete in another event if your school has not filled its quota.) These forms must be turned in at the time of registration, along with the official entry form, with signatures of the coach, principal, and students. 

5.  NFL has stressed the importance of schools paying outstanding balances owed to NFL prior to the District Tournament.  Please remember that schools CANNOT compete if they have an outstanding balance with the National Office.  They must either pay in advance or at the registration of the District Tournament.  The district chair is required to send all monies collected within 48 hours of the district tournament.  Otherwise, district results will be in jeopardy.  Do not delay! 

6.  Your District Comittee allows the use  of lap tops in all debate events and extemp. Make sure you follow the official guidelines.

7.  We  voted in 2009 to assess a flat fee of $200.00 to pay judges.   We still encourage as many free rounds as possible.  Judges provided by your school are coded against your school.  They will not be considered hired judges.  We need each school to provide at least one free judge.  Please submit your judges name via the JOT website.

8.  All substitutions and name changes must be done prior to Friday, April 27. We will NOT accept any changes on Friday after Registration is over. In addition, all original forms (entry, letter of intent) must be corrected prior to your student competing.  

EXTEMEP AREAS will be announced later



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