2020 Colorado Grande NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 2/7/2020 - 2/8/2020
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National Qualifying Congress

This shall serve as your invitation to our Colorado Grande NSDA National Qualifying Congress which will be held at Liberty High School on February 7-8, 2019. 

Deadlines: Anyone who wishes to bring students to congress must do the following:

1.     send me legislation by January 7,

2.     email me at  renee.motter@asd20.org  by Friday, January 10  to let me know that your school intends to participate and to tell me how many students you intend to have competing so that I know to send you the docket,

3.     register on Joy of Tournaments by January 24—you will receive legislation when I receive your registration.

snail mail (OR bring to the Pueblo tournament) your printed registration forms which includes your signature to me so that it ARRIVES to me by January 27.  You must MAIL registration and signature forms to me. 



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Registration     12:15-12:45 p.m. 
Session 1                       1-5 p.m.
Session 2             7:30-11:30 a.m.
Session 3/Super Session 1:30-5:30 
Consolation Congress 1:30-4:30
Big Questions Debate       1:30-5

The Saturday consolation chambers and Big Questions Debate will be open to any students who want to compete; they need not have competed in prelims.


Legislation : Please email me legislation no later than Tuesday, January 7 at noon  so that the committee can proof, get corrections, and get a docket to you that next week.  Remember that legislation must be in correct format; please use the templates located on the NSDA site and please check for originality. Each school may submit a total of two pieces of legislation for consideration.

 Chambers: As long as we have enough schools enter senators, there will be a Senate; each school may seat two students in senate.  The number of Houses depends on the number of entrants. Schools must divide evenly. This means that for any school with up to 75 degrees, they will have only one member in a House.  Those schools with 76 to 250 degrees will have two representatives in one or more Houses. You may not put team members together for comfort reasons.

Judging Responsibilities:  We have to have unaffiliated judges for this tournament, and in the past, I spent HOURS finding judges. Therefore, each school must provide ONE unaffiliated judge for the Friday session and ONE unaffiliated judge for the Saturday AM session; if you can provide one who can work both the Friday and Saturday AM sessions, that will help with parlimentarians. We will also need a few for Saturday PM, so let me know if you have some who can help us out there too!  Our committee has determined that an unaffiliated judge is one who isn’t familiar with the students on your team, so your unaffiliated judge shouldn’t be a parent or judge who travels with your team to judge.  Please email me the name(s) of the unaffiliated judge(s) who will work each session for your school.  I MUST have this info by January 30.  To run this tournament, we will need at least 12 unaffiliated judges EACH session.  I HAVE to have your help finding them! If you can’t find an unaffiliated judge, there will be a fee of $50/session.



National Qualifiers:  Our number of qualifiers for nationals is based on our number of entries.  PLEASE plan to bring your full allotment of slots.  Even if you have kids with conflicts later on Friday and/or on Saturday, we can probably work something out to help us out with numbers; they must attend one session and give one speech.  I know we ALL want to send as many kids to Nationals as possible.


  • If you are not registered in Joy of Tournaments by January 24 and/or your signature form doesn’t arrive by January 27, add $50.00 to your registration fee. NOTE: Additions to your registration on Joy of Tournaments can be made through Sunday, February 2 at 7 p.m.  Substitutions can be made through on-site registration.
    • If you drop anyone after 2:00 PM on February 5, add $20.00 per drop. 
    • If you drop anyone on or after 8:00 a.m., February 7, add $50.00 per drop.

    Supervision (a reminder): Remember, a coach must be on site with your students AT ALL TIMES.  This cannot be someone you simply ask to fill in for you; it must be an OFFICIAL coach recognized by your principal which includes a letter with an ORIGINAL signature indicating that your principal approves another coach (this may NOT be a parent) being in charge of your kids.  Additionally, because each individual coach has responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to run the tournament, you must provide someone to work/judge the tournament; the coach in charge of your students can NOT take on this responsibility as we have to have enough people to run the tournament. 

Fees: You may bring your checks with you made out to Colorado Grande NSDA. The fee for the entire congress is $20.00 per congress person.

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