2020 Colorado NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 4/3/2020 - 4/4/2020

Double Entry—Please read VERY carefully to ensure you meet the doubling guidelines.

Doubling Guidelines

  1. CX students may not double enter.
  2. Students may enter only one debate event (LD, PF, or CX).
  3. PF may double enter, but not in CX, or LD.
  4. LD may double enter, but not in CX or PF.
  5. Students may not double enter in both FX and NX.
  6. Students may double enter any 2 events, as long as rules 1-5 are followed.  Judges will be instructed to remain in the room for 90 minutes from the time the round begins. Any student who is double entered must be responsible for competing in both of his/her events within this 90-minute time frame.
  7. Extemp Draw will run on a 7-minute stagger and students must draw at the scheduled time or forfeit part of their prep time.
  8. Students may not enter more than 2 events. 
  9. Students must adhere to all NSDA rules regarding double entry. These can found in the District Tournament Operations Manual.
  10. A student may not enter a partnership debate event and a Duo Interpretation with different partners.
  11. If a student qualifies in a partnership event (PFD, Policy, or Duo) and an individual eventevent, the student must attend the national tournament in the partnership event.
  12. If two students qualify for the national tournament in a partnership event and both individuals qualify for the national tournament in their respective individual events, the students may choose to enter the national tournament in their individual events if indicated on their single entry letter of intent.
  13. A student who is double entered in two individual events at the District Tournament must determine in advance, in writing, the individual event that s/he will enter at the National Tournament.
  14. No student may go to nationals in more than one event.
  15. The Single Entry Letter of Intent Form must be completed and signed by the student, coach, parent/guardian, and principal.  It must be submitted at or before final registration- prior to the start of the tournament.  Failure to submit this form will result in the student being removed from competition.
  16. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification and may invalidate the results of the entire NSDA District Tournament.

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