2020 Big Valley NSDA Congress Tournament
Dates: 4/4/2020




A Bill to Ensure National Telecommunications Safety


2    SECTION 1.    The Federal Communications Commission shall invest at least $750 

3            million or up to 5% of proceeds from new auctioned spectrum licenses 

4            into domestic telecommunications companies seeking to develop 5-G 

5            technology for the next 5 years.

6    SECTION 2.    Beginning in 2024, the sale, trade, purchase, and exchange of foreign 

7            telecommunications products capable of 5G transmission shall be

8             completely prohibited in the United States.

9    SECTION 3.    A “foreign telecommunications product” is defined as any commercial 

10            equipment used for the purposes of transmitting or receiving  

11            wireless communications signals, which has been developed and 

12            manufactured by a company that is not based in the United States. 

13    SECTION 4.    This legislation will be jointly enforced by the Department of                    

14               Commerce and the Federal Communications Commission.

15    SECTION 5.    This bill will go into effect on June 1, 2020

16    SECTION 6.     All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and 

17            void.


A Resolution to Prohibit Officer Quotas

1    WHEREAS,     Arrest and ticket quotas are widespread among police departments 

2            across the United States; and

3    WHEREAS,     Previous legislation and regulations have been ineffective at preventing 

4            the use of quotas; and 

5    WHEREAS,     Quota-precipitated police actions increase racial bias in policing and lead 

6            to increased police violence: now, therefore, be it

7    RESOLVED,     By the Congress here assembled that the Department of Justice 

8            should issue clear regulations prohibiting the use of quotas by 

9            police departments; and be it

10    FURTHER RESOLVED, that all evidence produced by police action found to be taken on 

11            account of a quota system be considered inadmissable in federal court 

12            due to lack of probable cause.


A Resolution to Limit Presidential War Powers against Iran



1    WHEREAS,     President Trump’s threats to destroy sites ‘‘important to . . . the Iranian 

2            culture,” if carried out, would violate Article 56 of the Geneva Convention 3            and Article 4 of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Culture; and

5    WHEREAS,     Military actions conducted ‘‘in a disproportionate manner’’ 

6            violate international law, including Protocol I to the Geneva Convention, 

7            as well as the United States Department of Defense guidelines in 

8            reference to the conduct of armed conflict; and

9    WHEREAS,     Military action in violation of international law would 

10            exacerbate the suffering of the Iranian people, further tarnish 

11            America’s reputation in the Middle East, and inflame the crisis with Iran: 

12            now, therefore, be it 

13    RESOLVED,     by the Congress here assembled that any use of military force 

14            against Iranian targets must be explicitly approved by Congress prior to

 15            being conducted.


A Resolution to Adopt the Energy Innovation 

and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019


1    WHEREAS,     Anthropogenic climate change is the single greatest threat facing our

2            planet in the Twenty-First Century; and

3    WHEREAS,    Previous government interventions have fallen woefully short of the 

4            Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s finding that we must 

5            reduce planetary Carbon Dioxide emissions by 45%; and

7    WHEREAS,    Cap-and-Trade programs have proven to be effective in reducing 

8            greenhouse gas emissions, however they also disproportionately affect 

9            vulnerable low-income communities; and

10    WHEREAS,    Environmental justice demands strong considerations for disadvantaged 

11            communities and people when shaping American climate policy; now 

12            therefore, be it

13    RESOLVED,    By the Congress here assembled that H.R. 763, The Energy Innovation 

and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, be adopted. 


A Bill to Cap Profits on Life-Saving Medication in California



2    SECTION 1.    The profit margin of life-saving medication is capped at 33.3% of cost of 

3            production of the medication.

4    SECTION 2.    “Life-saving medication” is defined as prescription drugs, excluding

5            experimental pharmaceuticals, without which patients would die. 

8    SECTION 3.    The California Department of Public Health shall maintain a list of all 

9            life-saving medications, and shall oversee implementation of this bill. 

10                A. The Department of Public Health shall determine which 

11                medications are governed by this regulation.
12                B. The Department of Public Health shall hold regular public 

13                hearings and consider public input when determining whether a 

14                particular medication should be considered “life-saving.”

15    SECTION 4.    This legislation will be implemented on July 1st, 2020.

16    SECTION 5.     All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.




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