2018 Dutchtown High School Tournament
Dates: 1/20/2018


4th Annual Dutchtown Mighty Griffin Invitational

Speech Tournament

January 20, 2018


We are excited to announce our date for our annual Speech tournament!  We will offer all individual events (JrOI, OI, DI, HI, OO, DEC, EX, JrIMP, IMP, POI), Duet and Duo. We will offer DUO INTERP in senior division and DUO READING in junior division.  In Individual Events, students are allowed to enter up to three events.

All events will be governed by the Louisiana High School Speech League guidelines. Consult your manual for further instructions.

JUDGE Requirements

Please submit your list of qualified judges prior to the start of the tournament. Each school is required to have judges to meet the following quota:

Individual Events - one judge for every five entries

Duet & Duo - one judge for every five teams

Entry Fees

Fees will be $6.00 for each individual event and  $12.00 for each duet or duo entry Entry fees will be forfeited for drops after Wednesday at 3:00. Registration Drops and Adds will be charged on Thursday (see Fees and Deadlines page).

We look forward to seeing you all!



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