2019 Mountain View Invitational
Dates: 1/25/2019 - 1/26/2019

 You are cordially invited to attend the

2019 Mountain View High School Speech and Debate Invitational

"Running With The Bulls"

Join us for this unique tournament.

Many will argue that the "suit makes the wo/man" and that is what lends credibility to the debate and ensures that we maintain a formal tone.  The reality is that what makes a debater truly credible is the quality of his/her argument and content of their speech.  "As a community that highly values unique perspectives and narratives, it seems contradictory for us to enforce a standard based on classism and elitism, in the process disincentivizing an entire class of people from participating-- and giving judges an excuse to let their own preconceived notions of what clothing is most debate-appropriate affect their formal evaluation of the round. As debaters, it seems hypocritical for us to run critical arguments against policies and rhetoric that otherize those in poverty while espousing a power structure that is inherently responsible for doing the same thing. It is in our best interests to prevent discrimination on any basis, including clothing, in order to promote socioeconomic diversity within the debate community" (Sharma, 2015).

So... to that end, please "come as you are" - dress will be school/dress code appropriate attire (NO pj's and sweats though).

Traditional Speech on Friday with three rounds and finals. 

Five rounds of debate on Saturday with awards going to the top five entries. 

Congress will have three preliminary rounds, and no Super Congress, awards will be given to top Presiding Officer in each chamber. Congress judges will be hired and unaffiliated.


In addition to the tournament, we are also holding a "Good Sole" drive.  Please collect those shoes in your closet that still have life left in them, but don't fit; aren't the right color; never worn and taking up space!  Put each pair a in plastic grocery bag (to keep the pairs together), and bring them to MVHS for our School Resource Officer to distribute to students in need within our District.  THERE WILL BE AN AWESOME AWARD FOR THE SCHOOL BRINGING THE MOST PAIRS OF SHOES!

When:  January 25-26

Where:  Mountain View High School;  2000 Millennium Way, Meridian, ID 83642

What:  Idaho speech events on Friday:  Extemporaneous Speaking (it will be a combined event, but students can choose either domestic or international topics in draw), Radio Broadcast Journalism, Retold Story, Panel Discussion, Duo Interp, Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Impromptu Speaking, Oratorical Analysis, After Dinner Speaking, and Sales Speaking and POI.  Students may double enter in speech events as long as one isn't a draw event or panel discussion. 

Debate events on Saturday:  Open divisions in Congressional Debate LD, PF, BQ, and CX. Students may not double enter in two debate events.  We will have six rounds. 

Entry Limits:  Schools will be limited to six entries in each event but may waitlist more than that.   I will start accepting the waitlisted students after January 9... (Historically, we have been able to accept ALL waitlisted competitors)

Entry Deadline:  The initial entry deadline will be Wednesday, January 9, 2018 at 3:30pm.  After this date, I'll start adding the students who have been waitlisted.  The final entry deadline is Wednesday, January 23, 2018 at 3:30pm.  After this time, no drops or adds will be allowed on the website.  IF you drop after this time, you will be responsible for paying the entry fee and may be charged a $50 drop fee.  

Judges:  One judge per two CX entries, four PF/LD entries, and five speech entries.  A $20 per missing round fee will be charged.  If you enter a judge in and they don't show up and you don't replace them, you will be charged $ 20 per round if you don't have enough judges.  

Best Ballot Award:  Let your judges know that we will be giving an award to the judge who writes the best ballot.  One in speech and one in debate.  We are looking for ballots that are 1) filled out correctly; 2) have good constructive feedback; 3) a clear RFD.  In addition, random gifts will be given to judges throughout the tournament. 

Coaches in Tab Room:  Many hands make light work and it is nice to have the help of coaches in the tab room so please don't list yourself as a judge unless you find a replacement for yourself in the tab room.  If you really want to judge, e-mail me and I'll let you know if that will work.  

Basic Rules:

  •  As usual, no students allowed in a classroom without a judge present.
  •  Please no food or drink (other than water) in the classrooms.  
  • No students may compete without a coach present 
  • All teams must be a member with their state activity association 

Concessions:  We will have light concessions availble for purchase on both days.  There are also several restaurants within walking distance.  





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