2019 IHSAA State Drama
Dates: 12/6/2019 - 12/7/2019

2019 State Drama Tournament

Thunder Ridge High School

December 6 - 7





Welcome to the 2019 State Drama Tournament.  This event is the culmination of many long hours of preparation.  You and your students are to be commended for your efforts and accomplishments.  We hope that this year's tournament is a positive and educational experience for everyone.  BREAK A LEG!





Sincere appreciation goes to Principal Doulas McLaren, Activities Director Cody Jackson and the staff of Thunder Ridge High School for hosting this year's tournament.  We appreciate the use of this excellent facility and the support of the Bonneville School District.


Many thanks to those who are working to ensure this tournament is a positive experience for actors, coaches and judges: Host - Jordan Cammack; Manager - Nancy Robinson; Commissioner - James Haycock; Tab room Personnel - All Districts.


A special note of appreciation goes also to tournament judges for sharing their time and expertise in this most important link of the educational experience of our students.








PLEASE!  Treat this beautiful building and grounds with respect.  It is very important that we leave the school clean and undamaged.  Leave rooms in original condition - do not move furniture from room to room.  Place trash in the proper receptacles.  Be responsible for personal items.  Coaches: Please supervise your students as closely as possible.


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