Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are used on this website to enhance your experience and are required on www.joyoftournaments.com. You will not be able to log in on the website until you have enabled cookies in your browser. No personal information is stored and the cookie is not used to track your use of this website.

How do I enable cookies?

Enable cookies in the latest version of Internet Explorer as follows:
(instructions for other browsers are located here.)
  1. From the Tools pull-down menu choose Internet Options

    Internet Options menu option

    The following dialog should appear:

    [General] tab of the Internet Options dialog

  2. Click on the [Privacy] tab

  3. Check the privacy setting.

    Your privacy setting must allow cookies (or at least allow cookies for the joyoftournaments.com website). If the privacy setting blocks cookies from the joyoftournaments.com website, you will not be able to login.

    You can either lower your privacy setting, or you can make an exception to allow cookies only for joyoftournaments.com.

    If you lower your privacy setting, that will apply to all websites that you visit.

    To change the cookie setting just for the joyoftournaments.com website, make sure that your privacy setting is not Block All Cookies. For the other privacy levels, you may click on the button labeled [Sites...].

    Type in "joyoftournaments.com" in the Address of web site field and then press the [Allow] button. Click [OK]. This will allow your browser to accept cookies from joyoftournaments.com while continuing to enforce your privacy policy for other web sites.