2020 CVFL IE Qualifier
Dates: 2/21/2020 - 2/22/2020

DATE: February 21-22 (Friday/Saturday)

PLACE: Mira Loma HS


Only CHSSA member schools may participate in a State Qualification Tournament. This qualifier is for A and B panel speech events only.  

Congress and Debate qualifiers are on February 28-29.


Qualifier-specific Rules:

1. Competitors must have already participated in CVFL tournaments earlier this season.  They should be Varsity level in their event or a "like-event," and prepared to attend the CHSSA State Tournament if they qualify. 

2. Prepared events have a script requirement.  Students who have not filed an approved script with the League President at least 48 hours before the tournament begins will be dropped from registration.

3. Students may double-enter in each panel, but should have a preference for which event they will choose if they double-qualify.  The deadline to accept/drop qualifying spots is 8:00 pm on Monday,  February 10th.  If a student can put their preference in writing before the tournament, it would be much appreciated.

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