2020 Phoenix Rotary 100 Speech Contest
Dates: 3/27/2020


                                        Sample Topics



·     The spectators’ most/least pleasurable sport

·     The skills our generation must develop

·     When I feel sad, I ________________

·     The impact of Martin Luther King Day

·     A most memorable concert/movie/book

·     The latest teen heartthrob

·     If I were a parent/grandparent

·     What made me laugh the most



·     If you could invent a product that would change the world, what would it be?

·     The future of mass-transit in the Valley

·     The impact of “virtual reality”

·     The impact role models have on youths

·     If I could return in a new life as an animal, I would be a _________.

·     The appeal of a high-tech job

·     If I were Kurt Warner

·     The classroom teaching technique that is most/least effective



·     The most significant change in sociaty since 9/11 is __________.

·     Student reactions to AMS testing

·     The census challenge: counting the homeless and evasive

·     The criminal justice system’s impact on youth

·     If I were a lottery winner

·     They say, "Conquer the world!".  My plans are to _________.



·     How can we curb our excessive power consumption.

·     The future of grammatically correct English

·     America’s role in international conflicts

·     If I were a Phoenix TV newscaster

·     Paying for a college education

·     The collision between work and life

·     If I were Mayor Gordon/Governor Brewer

·     The preservation of state trust lands


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