2019 Cabot High School Tournament
Dates: 1/25/2019 - 1/26/2019

 Cabot Classic

Forensics & Debate Tournament

January 25-26, 2019

Entry deadline Friday, Jan. 18, 2019

The Cabot High School Varsity Forensics & Debate teams are pleased to invite you and your students to the Cabot Classic Forensics & Debate Tournament to be held on January 25-26, 2019.  The Cabot Classic is a qualifying tournament for the ACTAA State Tournament. 

 NSDA events will have two prelim rounds, and ACTAA events will have one prelim round.  Semis and Finals will be determined depending on the number of entries for each event.   A tentative schedule is attached.

 We will offer sweepstakes awards to the divisions of large, small and junior high schools, and we will offer sweepstakes in the categories of Over-All Debate Sweeps and Over-All Speech Sweeps.  

Registration will take place on Joy of Tournaments. 

Pattern A events will consist of DI, HI, Duo Interp, U.S. and International Extemp, Oratory, Informative Speaking, POI, Impromtu Speaking. 

Pattern B events will consist of Varsity Prose, Novice Prose, Varsity Poetry, Novice Poetry, Storytelling, and Improv.  RT and WM will be held Friday night before Pattern A prelims begin.    

Debate offerings will be Varsity and Novice Policy, Varsity and Novice PF, Varsity and Novice LD and Student Congress.    PLEASE check over the schedule carefully. 

This year we are dividing Prose and Poetry.  We will have a varsity and novice division.  Students entering the NOVICE division of poetry and prose should be FIRST year students competing at the high school level.  We trust the coach to enter students in the correct division.  If a student is entered in the wrong division, it will result in that student being disqualified from the tournament. Students in the novice division will still be able to qualify for the Arkansas State Tournament with the same tournament qualifying guidelines.  (The Arkansas State Tournament director has given permission for this division.)

We are offering a "fun event" this year at the Cabot Classic.  The event is Song Lyric Interpretation.  This event will not be calculated in sweepstakes tabbing.  Trophies will be awarded.  SLI will take place in Pattern B.  Finals for SLI will take place on the main stage before the awards ceremony.  For more information on Song Lyric Interpretation see the tab at the top of the page in JOT.

We will offer both IX and US Extemp.  Please look in the Extemp Tabs for the topic areas that will be used to create questions.  We have chosen one topic area for each round.  Your extemp students need to only research the topics assigned for each round.  

There is no cap on number of entries; however, please make sure students understand NO ROUND WILL BE HELD TO ACCOMMODATE LATE STUDENTS. 

In order to promote fairness and efficiency please follow the judge commitment guideline of one judge per 25 IE entries and one judge per 4 PF and LD debate entries, one judge per 2 CX debate entries, one judge per 6 congress entries, and one judge for the group events.

Registration will begin at 4:00 pm.  Please do not arrive on campus before 4:00 pm.

Please direct questions or concerns to jennifer.akers@cps.k12.ar.us  or  callie.ham@cps.k12.ar.us .   



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