2018 TFA State Tournament
Dates: 3/1/2018 - 3/3/2018
2018 TFA State Tournament Schedule
 (Subject to Change)

La Vernia High School

Wednesday, February 28

Registration 6-8:30 PM
La Vernia High School Library
Thursday, March 1:   
5:00pm Debate Round 1, Congress Round 1 (Until 9pm)
7:00pm Debate Round 2
9:00pm Extemp Draw 1 - Auditorium / Individual Events Round 1 / Duo/Duet Round 1
9:30pm Extemp Round 1
Friday, March 2: 
9:00am - Debate Round 3, Congress Round 2A (Until 11:00), 
11:00am - Extemp Draw 2 - Auditorium
11:30am - Individual Events Round 2 / Duo/Duet Round 2
1:00pm - Debate Round 4, Congress Round 2B (Until 3:00)
3:00pm - Extemp Draw 3 - Auditorium
3:30pm - Individual Events Round 3 / Duo/Duet Round 3
5:00pm - Debate Round 5, Congress House Semis A (Until 7:00) Congress Senate Semis (Until 9:00)
7:00pm - Extemp Draw Quarters - Auditorium
7:30pm - Individual Events Quarters
Posting of IE and Congress Finals and Debate breaks by Midnight. Registration for consolation events will occur online on the same Joy of Tournaments TFA State Tournament page in which schools originally entered competitors. Registration for consolation events will be open from Friday morning until 2am on Friday night/Saturday morning. Coaches will be responsible for getting students registered for consolation events by this deadline.
Saturday, March 3:
7:30am - Debate Triple Octo-Finals, Congress House Semis B (Until 9:30)
8:30am - HI/OO/Duet/Poetry/POI Semis, Consolation Events Round 1
9:30am - Extemp Draw Semis - Auditorium
10:00am - INF/USX/FX/DI/DUO Semis, Debate Double Octo-Finals, Consolation Events Round 2 (Cross-Entries will be protected)
12:00pm - HI/DUET Finals, Debate Octo-Finals, Congress Finals, Consolation Events Quarters
1:30pm - OO/Poetry/POI Finals, Consolation Events Semis
2:00pm - Debate Quarters
3:00pm - Extemp Draw Finals - (Location TBD)
3:15pm - Young Lawyer's of San Antonio Presentation in Auditorium (Camp Scholarships, Briefs, and Gift Cards to be awarded)
3:30pm - USX/FX/DUO Finals, LD/PF  Semis, Prose Finals
4:00pm - CX Semis
5:00pm - INF/DI Finals, LD/PF Finals, IMP Finals
6:00pm - CX Finals
8:00pm - Awards
8:00pm - Awards - La Vernia High School Auditorium
Note: Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum,  and Cross Examination Debate rounds will be accelerated when no cross-entries with individual events remain. It is the responsibility of the contestant and coach to check postings for notice of start times of rounds. On Saturday, all individuals/teams advancing to the next debate round are to wait in the hallway outside of the room in which they have just competed to await the tabulation of results. The next round’s pairings will be brought to the room(s) where advancing contestants are waiting when tabulation is completed and verified.

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