2018 Round Rock High School UIL Invitational
Dates: 1/27/2018


Round Rock Invitational Academic Tournament

January 27, 2018




$10.00     Academic Events

$30.00     Computer Science Hands-On Team

$10.00     Individual Speech Events

$25.00     LD Debate

$40.00     CX Debate


·        Loss of entry fee on all drops reported after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 19.

·        $20 fee charged on all speech and interp drops the morning of the tournament.

·        $50 fee charged on all debate drops the morning of the tournament.

·        $75 fee charged for unreported drops (no shows).





$30.00     Academics fee for Ready Writing and/or Journalism Events

$100.00   Individual speech event judges

$120.00   Debate judges


·          A one time fee is charged for any entries in Ready Writing and/or Journalism events (regardless of the number of entries).

·          All judges must be high school graduates.

  • Judges’ names must be entered by January 19.
  • One person may not be both the individual speech events judge and the debate judge.


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