2017 Cross Roads ISD Tournament
Dates: 12/9/2017

Cross Roads High School "Bobcat Brawl"
Cross Roads High School Speech and Debate

Dear Colleagues:

The Cross Roads High School Forensics Team is pleased to invite you to our first annual, “Bobcat Brawl Forensics Tournament” in Malakoff, TX at Cross Roads High School.

We will offer the following UIL events:  Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Extemporaneous Informative and Persuasive Speaking, Prose and Poetry Interpretation, and Congressional Debate.    These events will follow UIL guidelines and the debate events will use current UIL resolutions.  For Student Congress, we will be utilizing items from the UIL Congress State Docket. A docket will be emailed once it has been released for research purposes.

Judging Requirements

In order for the tournament to run smoothly, all schools must meet judging requirements or your students will not be allowed to participate.  Unfortunately, we do not have a judging pool from which to draw.  Judges should bring their own stopwatches and should plan to keep their own time.

CX Debate – 1 judge for every two entries or portion thereof
LD Debate – 1 judge for every two  entries or portion thereof.
Extemp - 1 judge for every six entries or portion thereof.
Interp - 1 judge for every six entries or portion thereof

Student Congress – 1 judge per school

Special Note:  Please pay special attention to the term “or portion thereof.”  If you have one or two entries, you must provide one judge.  If you have three or four entries, you must provide two judges.  If you have five or six entries, you must provide three judges.  Judges may only fulfill an obligation for ONE debate event.  If you have one CX team and one LD debater, you must provide two judges:  one for CX and one for LD.  If you have 1 varsity CX team and one novice CX team, you must provide two judges.

Additional note about extemp and interp:  Judging shortages may force us to section some students from the same school into the same preliminary section of the individual events in order to free the judge from that school for a section.  We will only do this if it becomes necessary.

Cross-entries:  We have tried to schedule in such a way as to allow students to compete in several contests. However, we will begin rounds on time – it will be the student’s responsibility to make sure that he/she makes the rounds as they are scheduled.  Please keep this in mind when cross-entering students.  If students miss a round due to an excessive number of cross-entries, no refunds will be given.  A student may enter one debate event.  A student may enter one extemp event. A student may enter either prose or poetry.

Entry Fees:

CX:  $30 per team
LD:  $20 per debater
IEs:  $15 per entry
Student Congress:  $15 per entry
Hospitality:  $25 per school


We are a member school of the Northeast Texas Debate Association.  The top six places in CX, LD, Congress, Extemp, and Interp will qualify for the NTDA Championship Tournament, held during the spring semester.  If you are not a member, you may access more information about the association through our website,www.ntdachampionship.com, or by contacting any of our officers:

                Immediate President - JP Fugler, Lindale High School

President - Chris Dickson, Sherman High School

Vice President - Kinsey Martin, Cross Roads High School

Secretary - Sandy Spears, Union Grove High School

Treasurer - Rory McKenzie, Lindale High School

Community Relations - Anna Rhea, Mabank High School

Webmaster - Jamey Pritchett, Mildred High School

Entry Deadline:  We must receive your entries by 5:00 pm Wednesday  December7, 2017.  While we do not expect problems with numbers, we will close out contests if space does become a problem.  In this situation, we will take entries on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please get your entries in as soon as possible. Entry fees will be set as of December 5 at 5pm.  After that, all drops will forfeit the entry fee.

Please submit entries through joyoftournaments.com.  

For questions, please contact:

          Kinsey Martin

          Cross Roads High School


          School Phone:  (903) 420-1215

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