2018 Western Slope NSDA Congress Tournament
Dates: 2/9/2018 - 2/10/2018
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Our National Qualifying Congress tournament it coming up soon (February 9 & 10)! We are excited for another tournament with great competition and representation from schools across the Western Slope! We will be at Central High School for this tournament in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

®    PO Letter of Intent: Each student who wants to serve as Presiding Officer during a session needs to write a letter of intent. Those letters need to be in no later than January 20th if you’re student wishes to be considered. All letters should be emailed to kathleen.uhnavy@eagleschools.net no later than January 20th.

®    All schools entering should submit two bills and/or resolutions by January 15th for consideration. These must be written by students and must follow the proper guidelines. See the NSDA website for more information. All bills and/or resolutions should be emailed to kathleen.uhnavy@eagleschools.net no later than January 15th.

®    The registration deadline is Friday, February 2nd. No adds will be allowed after this time, and dropping competitors will result in a “drop” fee.

®    Legislation will be sent out on January 26th (2 weeks prior to competition)

®    All fees owed to the National Speech and Debate Association must be paid before the start of competition.

®    The fee for NQC will be $10.00 per competitor.

®    Please make out checks to “Western Slope NFL and bring checks to the competition. Thank you.

®    All students participating in a national qualifying tournament must be registered with the NSDA on speechanddebate.org (25+ points/merit degree)

®    We need judges! Please email me the contact information of anyone you know who is interested in judging so that I can put them into a judging slot.

Registration: Registration will be through Joy of Tournaments. Please be sure that all info through the digital registration is correct.

House Slots:  If you go to the [Entries] page of this website, you'll see a green box.  Above the green box, you'll notice the NSDA Strength for the number of members and degrees for your team.  Under that, you'll see how many entries you are allotted for the House and Senate. Please know that if we do not have 8+ schools competing in the Senate, no Senate will be offered.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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