2017 Virginia NSDA Debate
Dates: 3/31/2017 - 4/1/2017

Virginia NFL District Tournament



The Virginia District of the National Forensics League will conduct its national qualifier tournament on March 31 & April 1, 2017, at Sherando High School, 185 South Warrior Drive, Stephens City, VA. The tournament is open to all schools listed as members of the Virginia District of the National Forensics League. Check the NSDA website to determine your school’s eligibility ( www.speechanddebate.org ).





The congress and debate tournaments will be held on Friday, March 31, at Sherando High School, 185 South Warrior Drive, Stephens City, VA 22655

The debate portion of the tournament will continue on Saturday, April 1, at the same location.




 The league has not reserved a block of rooms this year. There are abundant hotels in the Winchester, VA, area.  There are two hotels within two miles of the school in Stephens City:

Comfort Inn   https://www.choicehotels.com/virginia/stephens-city/comfort-inn-hotels/va439

Holiday Inn Express  https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/stephens-city/wncex/hoteldetail



 The tournament will feature competition in all NFL events, including Lincoln-Douglas debate, Public Forum debate, policy debate, and student congress. The tournament will follow NFL rules for all events, so schools are encouraged to check the NFL website (www.nationalforensicleague.org ) to obtain the specific rules for each event.


Entry limits:

·         Entry limits are determined by the NFL based upon the number of memberships and degrees the school has on file with the national office one week prior to the tournament. Points from the speech tournament will not be added to the school’s total until after the debate tournament. Coaches should make sure they are entering all points for all students into the NFL database on a monthly basis. No student will be allowed to register unless he/she has earned NFL membership by the date of registration.


·         In order to send a full delegation to the national tournament, the district tournament must meet the following minimum quotas:

o   Congress—minimum of eight schools entering at least one person in the Senate chamber.

o   Paired events (CX, PF)—minimum of 10 teams in each event.

o   Individual events (LD)—minimum of 12 entries in each event.


·         The district committee asks that each school attending the tournament commit to entering at least one person in the Senate chamber of Congress.

 ·         Schools are limited to a maximum of four entries in each separate category (except congress, which has its own quota)


Double Entry:

·          Double entry in two debate events is absolutely not feasible. All competitors are welcome to enter the Congress portion of the tournament since it is technically a separate tournament and precedes the opening of the debate and  portion of the tournament. 

           Students who double enter in a speech event(s) and congress OR one speech event, congress, and a debate event must provide single-entry letter of intent form at registration on March 31.

·         Students who enter congress and debate events must provide single-entry letter of intent form at registration on March 31.

·         Each student is allowed to enter two events PLUS Congress. In other words, each student has the following options:

·         One speech event, one debate event, congress

·         Two speech events, congress

  • One debate event and congress



In order to keep the cost of the tournament to a minimum while providing trophies, hospitality for the judges lounge and covering operational costs, tournament fees will be as follows:


School entry fee                                   $35

LD                                                      $15

CX                                                      $100

PF, DUO                                              $30

CONGRESS                                    $15.00 

Please make checks payable to Virginia NFL. Payment is expected at the time of registration for each respective tournament on March 31.


Please note that lunch is NOT included in the congress entry fee this year. 

Late Entries:

 Late entries will NOT be accepted UNLESS acceptance of said entries would allow the tournament to meet the minimum quotas for competition. Any late entry that is accepted will be charged $15 per entry in addition to the regular entry fees stated above.


Registration will only be accepted through the Joy of Tournaments website. Go to www.joyoftournaments.com  and register your school if you do not already have an account there –there is no charge to set up an account. Once you have registered your school with the website, the link for tournament registration will be www.joyoftournaments.com/nfl/va .If you encounter problems, email me, and I will try to guide you through the process. Registration must be complete by 11 o’clock p.m. on  March 24 for the congress and debate portions of the tournament. After the deadline dates, all fees are final. If a student cannot attend and must drop, please email me immediately—on-site drops will throw the entire tournament off schedule.



Judge Quotas:


LD, PF                                                                   1 judge for every 3 entries

CX                                                                         1 judge per school


We will need a lot of judges to make this tournament run.  In the debate events, we will use single judge panels until eight teams/LDers remain; at that point we must use three judge panels.


If a team is hiring a judge to cover their entries and that judge does not have a close affiliation with that team’s competitors, please email me the  name of that judge and the areas he or she is qualified to judge.


It is vital that we be able to use all of the judges who are at the tournament site. For this reason, we ask that each coach specify EVERY event that a judge is qualified to judge. If a team brings John Doe to cover their obligation in LD, and John Doe is also qualified to judge PF and CX, then the coach should write “can also judge PF and CX” in the comments section for that judge when completing the registration on the website.

 The school entry fee will be used to cover custodial expenses and provide hospitality to the judge’s lounge.


Awards will be presented to  the top six competitors in the debate events.

The top 2 Senators and the top congress person in each chamber of the house will qualify for the national tournament IF the minimum requirement of 12 participating schools is met.

 The top three entries in each of the debate events will advance to the national tournament IF the minimum number of entries is met in the event.



 Food for students will be available for purchase at the school site.



 Congress Legislation: Each school may submit up to three pieces of legislation (one economic, one domestic, and one foreign) for consideration. The legislation should be signed as being submitted by the school, not by an individual student. Please follow the formatting guidelines in the NFL district tournament manual (available at nationalforensicleague.org). Email all legislation to archpainter@earthlink.net by March 3, 2017. Coaches, please proofread the legislation and make sure it makes sense. The chair reserves the right to reject any legislation that is improperly formatted or is incoherently phrased. Once potential legislation has been received, it will be perused and 10-15 items will be selected for the docket. The docket will be pre-set for the tournament. Students may amend the docket once the first three pieces of legislation have been debated. Handling the docket in this manner allows all competitors to prepare speeches on at least one piece of legislation and be assured the assembly will actually get to debate that legislation. If a school cannot meet the legislation submission deadline, please email me and I will 


Tentative Schedule

 Friday, March 1


Student Congress:

Registration                                   8:00—8:30 am in front of the auditorium at SHS

Session One                                    8:30—11:30

Lunch                                             11:30—12:15 

Session Two                                    12:15—3:15



Registration                                   3:30—4:00 pm at Sherando High  School

 4:30                             Round One CX

5:00                             Round One (all other events)

6:15                             Round Two CX

6:45                             Round Two  ( LD, PF)

8:30                             Round Three (LD, PF, CX)


It is our hope to have all rounds finished for the evening by 10 pm.


Saturday, April 1


8:00 am                       Registration/ Judge check-in

8:30                             Round Four (LD, PF, CX)

10:30                           Round five (LD, PF)

11:00                           round five CX

12:00                           Round Six  (LD, PF)

1:30                             Round Six CX

2:00                             Round Seven (LD, PF)

4:00                             Round Seven CX

4:30                             Round Eight (LD, PF)

6:30                             Round eight CX

6:30                             Round Nine (LD,PF)


Awards as soon as the last tabulation is completed. In the past two years we have been finished in the early afternoon.



NFL Rules


It is the responsibility of the coach to review and be familiar with all NFL rules regarding the events offered at the district tournament and the conduct of the tournament itself. Please review the District Tournament Manual prior to registration or at least prior to the tournament.


Virginia NFL Rules

·         Competitors are expected to arrive at rounds ON TIME. Any student who arrives at a debate    round more than ten minutes late may forfeit that round (a loss in debate or a rank of last place on all judge ballots in a speech round.) 



March 3                      Congress legislation due by email to archpainter@earthlink.net

March 24                          Registration Deadline/ deadline for point entry for competitors

March 27                           Deadline for drops/changes to debate/congress registration/ fees become





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