2017 UIL NSDA District Congress Tournament
Dates: 12/11/2017

The UIL District of the National Speech and Debate Association will offer its National Qualifying Congressional Debate competition on Monday, December 11, 2017 at the Region 8 Education Service Center in Pittsburg.  The deadline for submitting registration and paperwork is Monday, December 4.

Registration will take place through this website.  However, all paperwork normally required from the NSDA must be submitted.

Please note that we will be providing minimal hospitality on this date.  There will be a 90 minute break for lunch, during which time you should plan to take your students to eat.  We will provide lunch for our paid judges and we will provide water and minimal snacks for coaches.  

Checklist to register:

1.  Log in to Joy of Tournaments.

2.  Click "continue" to verify that you have been linked to the appropriate school.

3.  Click to verify that your students' performances meet community standards.

4.  Determine how many entries you are allowed.  You will find this information on the Joy of Tournaments entry page, above the chart that shows your entries.  Here is the chart of allowed entries as of 1:00 PM on 10/23/2017:

School paid? Strength House Senate
All Saints Episcopal School - Tyler, TX, TX Yes 106 7 2
Athens HS, TX Yes 47 4 2
Atlanta HS, TX Yes 4 2 2
Brownsboro HS, TX Yes 37 4 2
Caddo Mills HS, TX No 57 5 2
Cross Roads HS, TX Yes 31 3 2
Ferris HS - Ferris, TX, TX Yes 19 2 2
Gilmer HS - Gilmer, TX, TX No 5 2 2
Good Shepherd School, TX Yes 29 3 2
Grand Saline HS, TX No 8 2 2
Hallsville HS - Hallsville, TX, TX No 8 2 2
Hooks HS, TX No 34 3 2
John Tyler HS, TX No 19 2 2
Leon HS, TX Yes 59 5 2
Lindale HS, TX Yes 178 8 2
Mabank HS, TX No 51 4 2
Midlothian HS - Midlothian, TX, TX Yes 31 3 2
Mount Pleasant HS, TX Yes 60 5 2
New Boston HS, TX No 0 0 0
North Lamar HS, TX Yes 86 6 2
Pine Tree HS, TX No 12 2 2
Royse City HS, TX Yes 44 4 2
Sabine HS, TX No 2 2 2
Sherman HS, TX Yes 14 2 2
Texas Sr HS, TX No 8 2 2
Tyler Lee HS, TX No 4 2 2
Union Grove HS, TX Yes 32 3 2
Van HS, TX Yes 69 5 2
Whitehouse HS, TX Yes 26 3 2

 5.  Register your students on this website.  You may register up to your total entry allotment.  Students may enter Congress and up to 2 other main events.  

6.  Note that the final deadline for making changes (including adding entries) is 7 days prior to the tournament, or Monday, December 4.  You may continue adding points for your students; if additional points results in a change to your entry allotment, you may add entries through December 4.  Call me if this happens for you.

7.  Print the entry forms for Congress.  On the entries screen on JoT, directly above the chart that shows your currrent entry allotment, you will see links to download your registration sheet.

     a.  Click on "Download NSDA District Tournament Registration Form (Congress Green Sheet).  Fill in the appropriate blanks.
     b.  Print the form.
     c.  Sign the form.  


9.  Enter your judges' names.  

     Each school must provide one judge who is able to judge.  If your school has more than 4 House/2 Senate entries, you will need to provide a judge's name who is unaffiliated with your school.  Please email me with the name of the judge and the amount that you wish for the district to pay that judge.  

10.  Email the following to me at kdhodgkiss@gmail.com by 3:30 on Monday, December 4:

     District Tournament Congress Entry Form

11.  Pay any outstanding membership fees to the NSDA.  You will not be allowed to compete if dues are not paid.  You may NOT include those fees on the entry fees check for district.  You may pay these to me at the tournament, but it must be on a separate check which I must forward to NSDA.  

12.  Bring with you to the tournament:  

     Entry fees check  (made payable to UIL District of NSDA)
     Separate check for outstanding membership fees (made payable to NSDA)



Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kristi Hodgkiss, District Chair and Tournament Director
Cell (903) 243-3602
Email kdhodgkiss@gmail.com

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