2017 Florida Sunshine NSDA
Dates: 2/25/2017

Florida Sunshine NSDA District Tournament

Saturday, February 25

Academy of the Holy Names

3319 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

Jamie Meyer, Host


What:              NSDA District Championship for IE

                        Events offered:  OO, DX, IX, DI, HI, DUO, POI, & INFO

                        Reminder:  NSDA does not offer DEC as an event

                        Congress and Debate Tournament were previously held in January.


Where:            Academy of the Holy Names, All day on February 25, 2017


Entries:  Schools may enter up to 4 competitors/teams in each event. Schools may NOT enter more than their entry limit per NSDA (see Memberships and Fees attachment - REMINDER, students must be registered with the NFL/NSDA website in order to have their members and degrees counted toward your school).  Remember to SUBTRACT your Debate entries from your available totals. You cannot use them here. NSDA is still offering two NEW EVENTS - POI and INFO, which stands for - PROGRAM ORAL INTERPRETATION and INFORMATIVE SPEAKING. Students can qualify in these events. Rules for each can be found on the NSDA website.


Students may double enter in IE. Students may NOT cross enter in both extemporaneous events. Students who enter a partnered event and an individual event must compete in the partnered event if qualified in both for nationals.  Students must compete fully in each event entered. Example: A “sacrifice” entry in OO must have a speech to present.


Fees:  $14.00 per single student entry (not team); fees for double entered students is $18.00. The cost of meals (lunch on Saturday) is $9 per person. You must purchase meals for your coaches and judges (one complimentary meal will be provided per school). Make sure to send your numbers to host Jaime Meyer at AHN - jmeyer@holynamestpa.org  - no later than the registration date.  All checks should be made out to FGCCFL as the account takes care of both FGCCFL and NSDA business.


Judge Quotas:  1:3 All IE  Coaches should NOT place themselves in the judge pool as they will be used for elimination round panels.




February 13:    All District Student of the Year nomination forms (can be found                                                      on the NSDA website)

                        Preliminary entry by email to both Bill and Terri.

                        Include: Student name/s, events, judge names. Please indicate if double entered.


January 17:      Finalize all entries on Joy of Tournaments including students,                                                          events, real judge names, judge conflicts, and meal orders for Friday and                                                 Saturday. This is the LAST day to enter NSDA points for any                                                             tournaments.


Reminders:  The league maintains a zero tolerance policy for ALL cell phones and other electronics during rounds. If a cell phone is reported in any round the student/students will be automatically disqualified. This also applies to judges whose school will be charged a rule violation fee. All judges and competitors MUST use stop watches to time rounds. Lap tops are allowed in Extemp prep. Lap tops must run on their own batteries and may NOT be connected to the Internet in any way.


The burden of knowledge for tech rules or event rules falls to each coach in the district. Please be sure you know the NSDA rules and that your students and judges know the NSDA rules.


Required Forms:  Coaches must print out the registration forms and the Single Entry Letter of Intent. Make sure they are signed by students, parents, and principal. Bring them with you to registration.


Remember that all interp events require an MLA formatted bibliography with your registration form. Joy of Tournaments requires titles and publication information.


The FGCCFL Rules of Decorum for all students, coaches, and adults will be in effect.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Rounds will move as quickly as possible)


                SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25


Registration                       8:00 AM

EXTEMP DRAW                 8:30AM               

Round 1 IE                           9:00AM

EXTEMP DRAW                 10:00AM

Round 2 IE                           10:30AM

LUNCH                                 11:45PM

Out Rounds Posted IE    12:30PM

EXTEMP DRAW                 12:30PM

Round 3 IE                           1:00PM

EXTEMP DRAW                 2:30PM

Round 4 IE                           3:00PM

EXTEMP DRAW                 4:30PM

Round 5 (FINALS) IE        5:00PM

Awards                                 ASAP




For those attending - the entire BAYSHORE side of the school will be closed for the Gasparilla Fun Run. This means that you will have to enter and park on the MACDILL side of the school. The gate will be open as will the new parking facility across the street. You can use it and cross back to the school from the elevated walkway over MACDILL. Again - DO NOT COME ON OR EXPECT TO ARRIVE VIA BAYSHORE. MACDILL is the only acceptable way to enter/exit the tournament.

Directions from the North

Take I-75 South to I-275. Follow I-275 To Howard/Armenia Exit. Exit SOUTH on Armenia and take the road to Kennedy. Turn RIGHT on Kennedy until to reach MACDILL. Turn LEFT. Follow MacDill SOUTH all the way until you reach AHN. It will be the complex AFTER BAY TO BAY but before EL PRADO.

Directions from the South

Take I-75 North to the Leroy Selmon Expressway (Exit is Near the Brandon Mall area). Follow this TOLL ROAD into and through Downtown Tampa. Look for the BAY TO BAY exit, and take said exit staying to the RIGHT. When you reach the next INTERSECTION, that will be MACDILL. Turn RIGHT and continue until you see the AHN Complex.



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