2017 Southern California NSDA Tournament
Dates: 3/25/2017 - 3/26/2017

Southern California District NSDA

District Qualifying Tournaments


                                 Student Congress:   March 18th at Los Osos High School

Speech and Debate Events:  March 25-26 at Claremont High School


Schools who are chartered and affiliated with the Southern California District of the NSDA are cordially invited to enter and participate in the Southern California District Tournament at the above locations and dates.  Qualifiers to the National Tournament will be based on actual entries competing in each event.   However, our District may earn bonus entries based on our total number of Member Degrees (currently our District has two qualifiers per event).  Please enter all of your NFL points in a timely fashion, this may help us earn additional bonus entries to the 2017 National Tournament held in June in Birmingham, Alabama.


Procedures and Deadlines for Entry: 

Schools must complete both On-Line entry and Paper entry.


1.         Enter all competitors online at: Joyoftournaments.com which will be active on Tuesday.  

If you have not previously used this entry site, click on the “SignUp for System” link and register your school.  Next, click on the link to “Tournaments”  and then find the Southern California District Tournament.  You are responsible for meeting all entry limitations and requirements. Online Entry deadline is Friday,  March 10th at 11:59pm for the Congress tournament and Friday, March 17th at 11:59pm for the IE/Debate tournament.


2.         You may record drops online without paying a penalty until 6 pm on Friday, March 17th.  Any drops after this deadline will still be charged a full entry fee.


3.         Official Paper entry must be brought to the first day of the tournament prior to the first round of competition.   

Note:  this official entry should match your online entry, with the exception of any late drops.  A complete entry will include all of the following;

            A) all necessary entry forms for Debate, IE and Congress with appropriate signatures,  

            B) Proof of NFL membership for all contestants,  

            C) speech manuscripts which meet current CHSSA guidelines, 

            D) Double Entry “Letter of Intent”,  

            E) all entry fees.


4.         Tournament manuals for the IE/Debate tournament and the Student Congress tournament are available to all NSDA members on the speechanddebate.org website in the “District” section find the link to “Tournament Manuel”.


Make Checks

Payable To:                Southern California Speech League, NSDA


Events:           Student Congress (On 3/18), Team Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Original Oratory, Foreign Extemp, United States Extemp, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation and Informative.  We will also host a division of Big Question Debate.



Fees:   All NFL dues and outstanding NFL charges must be paid before any school may participate.  District dues (which is the $50.00 tournament fee) and event entry fees must also be paid.  No student may compete without the required fees being paid.  Purchase orders are NOT accepted.   Itemized tournament fees:

School Membership fee:         $50.00 (one annual payment of $50 included with your entry feesu

Policy Debate (per team)        $40.00            

Public Forum (per team)          $30.00                       

Lincoln-Douglas                     $25.00

Big Question Debate              $25.00

IEs                                           $10.00

Duo                                         $20.00

Congress                                 $10.00


Judges:           Every effort will be made to recruit qualified judges from area college programs.  Each school must provide one qualified adult judge for every five (5) Congress and IE entries and one qualified adult judge for every two (2) debate entries.  Your judges MUST be available to judge throughout the tournament.  You must meet your judging commitment on Saturday as well as all day Sunday.  Please make every effort to bring qualified judges.  If your team does not have the required number of judges, your entry will be reduced.  Schools entering in debate  must bring debate qualified judges!


Student Congress:     This one day event will be held on March 18th at Los Osos High School, separate from the other District Tournament.  The Registration deadline for this tournament is 3/10.  Check-in will begin at 8:00 am and rounds will commence at 9:00 am.  Congress entries are independent from the formula used to determine all other entries.  Please check the NSDA Congress Manual to determine your Student Congress entries.  (See page 60 of the District Tournament Operations Manual) 

            Congress legislation will be available March 3 on the Joyoftournaments website.

If your school would like to submit legislation for consideration for use in this year’s tournament, please email a copy of the bill to the District Chair by March 1st.  (chamberlainofchs@gmail.com)


Rules: The Up/Down format will be used for individual events.  Debate will follow all rules in the NSDA District Tournament Operations Manual.  Please read all rules in the manual before coming to the tournament.  Violations of the rules may result in disqualification.  Each coach is responsible for adhering to the rules and seeing that his/her students and jusges are also aware of them.  The following are some important notes:


1.         Each coach must offer proof of NSDA membership for each student listed on the entry form, including alternates and reserve entries.  The easiest way to provide proof of NSDA membership is to include a printed copy of your membership list from the NSDA webpage.  (Note:  the NSDA only credits degrees for your students who have officially registered and joined online. They will have a gold star next to their name.)            


2.         A school may enter no more than the maximum number listed on the Chapter Entries Formula from the Tournament Manual.  If qualified, a school may enter up to two bonus entries.


3.         Each school may, within their maximum number, enter no more than four debate teams, four Public Forum teams, four Lincoln Douglas competitors, four Big Question debaters, four Duo teams and four competitors in each Individual Event.


4.         No notes may be used in Extemp Speaking, a student may not leave the prep room without permission of the Extemp Proctor, a student may not consult any other individual during preparation time, students may only consult approved published materials.  Violation of the above rules may result in disqualification.   Final round of Extemp will NOT include cross-examination.                    


5.         A student may double enter in the tournament.  However, a student may only enter one team/partnership event and only one extemp. event.  Students who qualify in a team/partnership event and an individual event MUST attend nationals in the team/partnership event.  Finally, all students double entering in solo events must declare in advance in which event they will attend nationals.  This declaration must be presented to the District Chair prior to the start of competition.  A copy of this “Letter of Intent” form is included in your invitation and should be copied and completed for all necessary competitors. (Please note the form requires Parent and Principal signatures and must be completed prior to arriving at the tournament.)             Finally, since Student Congress is held at a different time and location it may be a student’s third event.  Remember, a school’s number of congress entries is determined independently of debate and IE entries. 


6.         Current California manuscript rules will be followed.   Therefore, with all speech entries you must submit a copy of your California manuscript.  These must turned submitted at registration, and returned at the conclusion of the tournament. Coaches are responsible for ensuring all scripts follow NSDA rules.  All Interpretation competitors must have available at the tournament the original published source of their cutting


7.         Properly enter all student names on the entry form and have all students legibly sign the entry form.  Student signatures must appear as they do on the NSDA membership form.  (take a moment to double-check how student names are listed with the NSDA)


8.         We will feature Big Question Debate at this year’s qualifying tournament.  However, all entries must be single student only and each school is limited to only four (4) entries. 


9.         Debate Topics:

The Team Debate topic for 2016-17 Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China

The LD topic will be the March/April topic Resolved: The United State ought to guarantee the right to housing.

The Public Forum topic will be the March topic Resolved: The United States should no longer pressure Israel to work toward a two-state solution


10.       We are able to send two (2) World School Debate Teams to Nationals.  The Southern California District will select its 8-10 qualifying students with the following criteria.  First alternates in Public Forum debate, LD debate, International extemp, domestic extemp with the remaining participants selected by the District Committee via application process with each participating school limited to one application. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via telephone or email.  It makes for a much smoother tournament if we work to resolve any problems in advance of the tournament.  I look forward to seeing you at the tournament and I hope you will join my effort to provide a memorable competitive experience.



                                                            See you soon,


                                                            David Chamberlain

                                                            David Chamberlain

                                                            Southern California District Chair




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