2017 Sierra NSDA Congress
Dates: 4/1/2017


Sierra NFL District Nat Quals Congress will be at Bullard High School on April 1st, 2017. Facility questions can be directed to Milla Smith. 

Your entries (electronic and email) are due Friday, March 24th, 2017 by 5:00pm.  Entries will not be accepted after this time. There will be five steps to entry. 

  1. Enter your official house and senate entries online. 
  2. Click the "NFL District Tournament Registration Form" (in the green box above your entries) and decide how your house entries will be sorted. 
  3. From this page, print and complete your "green sheet" with all the necessary signatures. (Be sure to also include the names and signatues of any alternates in case of last minute drops)
  4. I was able to add Practice House as an event- so you can enter any Practice House kids in- this will not impact your official house entries at all (I checked). However, only your member students will show up on your roster, so if you have kids that you want to enter into the practice house that do not show on your roster -- Email me those names and I can add them. This way we can use JOT to run the practice house and not have to do it seperately.  
  5. Check the fee page ($25 per school, $6 per official or practice house entry) and show up with payment please.  PLEASE NOTE:  For practice house entries that are not from your roster: you will need to add in your practice house entries ($3 each) yourself as JOT will not know this since you email them directly to me. Some schools have a balance left over from Speech and Debte Quals- this will be rolled over to part of your Congress fees.

We need everyone to participate so we can have the most qualifying houses (hopefully 3; the winner of each advances to Nationals) so PLEASE use all the official entries that you can.  Much like Nat Quals itself when we had several supportive entries, students can count for congress totals if they give one speechRemember, there will be 2 qualifiers from the Senate and 1 from each House- so the more houses the more qualifiers. 

We will need to start Congress at 8:00 AM because the NFL requires 7 hours for a one day tournament.  We must have (2) 3 hour sessions.  In order to do this, we must be seated and have started debate no later than 8:30 AM.  In short, get to Bullard
 by 7:30 AM, and call in/text drops to me at 559-281-2136 on the way if you have them.  

I anticipate that Congress will be over around 4PM; it depends on when we start.  

We will need parlimentarians and official scorers; usually 10-15 judges are enough to do it! Fresno schools (and Bullard especially) please make sure we have enough judges.  They NEED to commit to 3 hours each. Parilamentarians must be available for both sessions

If you need more information (or have practice entries) please contact me (Nicole Jennison) at nicole.jennison@fresnounified.org.   



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