2018 Ozark NSDA District Tournament
Dates: 3/8/2018 - 3/10/2018
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Ozark NSDA District National Qualifying Tournament

Debate/Speech Events March 8-10 @ Macedonia Baptist Church

3110 W Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65807

Registration closes February 28th @ 5:00pm



  Students entered in the district tournament must be paid NSDA members with linked NSDA accounts with at least 25 merit points before they will show up on your JoT registration roster

  Students need to be registered on JoT with script titles & authors for interp events, and titles for oratory and informative

  Signed registration paperwork, interp cover sheets, interp highlighted originals, and interp typed manuscripts need to be uploaded to your school entry google folder

  Congressional Debate legislation you wish to be considered for the Congressional Debate tournament in April needs to be in your school entry google folder

  All letters of intent for students entered in more than one event (or students who have student congress as their first choice) need to be in your school entry google folder

  Any nominations for the Student of the Year Award, Alumni Achievement Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, & Principal of the Year Award need to submitted before the registration deadline



  Chapter Dues $50/school

  Speech/Debate Entry $30/entry (drops to $25/entry for schools filling all slots)

  Late Fee $5/entry OR $5/day (whichever is less)

o   Make checks payable to Ozark District NSDA

o   Payment by check or cash is due in full when your school arrives at the tournament

o   Schools with an outstanding balance with the NSDA national office are not permitted to compete in the national qualifying district tournament



  Each school is required to cover a minimum of 15 judging rounds regardless of location/entry size for the tournament

  Additional judging rounds are required based on the following formula:

o   School building is 0-19 miles from Springfield Square 2 judging rounds/entry

o   School building is 20-39 miles from Springfield Square 1.5 rounds/entry (round up)

o   School building is 40-59 miles from Springfield Square 1 round/entry (round up)

o   School building is 60+ miles from Springfield Square .5 round/entry (round up)



  As a level 3 district, we will qualify 3 entries in each event unless we have 50 or more entries in a partner event or 58 entries in an individual event, in which case we will have a 4th qualifier

  Senior 1st alternates will be offered a spot on one of our World Schools Debate teams based on points earned a the district tournaments, with additional spots going to senior 2nd alternates and so on

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