2017 New York City NSDA Debate
Dates: 2/24/2017 - 2/25/2017
January 15, 2008

January 18, 2017


I hope everyone is having a wonderful year.  At this time, I will provide the specific information regarding our three District tournaments.  Please read all of this carefully to insure the smooth running of our contests.


Once again, we will be using the Joy of Tournaments to run the districts.  This program works with all the NFL rules. This year, there will be need a GREEN SHEET again; however, it does NOT require the signatures of all your students; just your signature and the signature of your principal.    This form and all other forms are available at www.speechanddebate.org. 


Call me at 516-480-4720 on the day of either tournament if you are running late.  Give me any drops at that time.




            A. DATE: Feb. 24-25 (Friday and Saturday)

            B. SITE: Regis H.S.

            C. TIMES: Friday: registration begins at 1:30 PM.  Registration will close at 2:00 p.m., and the first round will begin at 3:15 p.m.  We will have three rounds on Friday.  Saturday: be present at 8:45 a.m.  Rounds will begin at 9:00 a.m.

            D. RESOLUTIONS: the annual NFL resolved for policy, the Jan./Feb. NFL resolved for LD, and the Feb. NFL resolved for PF.

            E.  FEES: Each school will have a $10.00 registration fee for each contest (debate and/or speech) in addition to the fee of $12.00 for each contestant.  Make all checks payable to NEW YORK CITY NFL.

            F. JUDGES: Friday: one judge for each two teams or fraction thereof; one judge for two L-D debaters or fraction.  Saturday: one judge for each team or L-D debater remaining.  NOTE: we will use one judge for each debate in the first two rounds, and three judges thereafter.

            G. NUMBERS: you may enter up to four in each form of debate, but you may not exceed the total number of entries based on your chapter strength (see NFL webpage).

H. DROPS: you may not drop any judges after you have registered.  If you drop a judge or do not bring the number of judges required, you will be assessed a fine of $500.00 for each uncovered entry.  You must pay the fees for all students who are dropped.  All fines and fees must be paid BEFORE students may participate in the tournament.  No debater may participate until all fines and fees are paid.

I. QUOTAS/DOUBLE ENTRY: students entering ANY two events (debate, speech, or Congress or combination thereof) MUST fill out an intent form BEFORE competing in any event, indicating the event they will attend Nationals should they qualify for more than one.  EXCEPTION: if BOTH members of a team event also qualify in a single event category, they MAY BOTH enter the single event; however, if only one member of a team double qualifies, both students MUST attend the nationals as a team.  Students may not enter two debate events. 




            A. DATE:  March 4(Saturday only)

            B. SITE:    Syosset H.S.

            C. TIME:  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.  We would like to begin Round I at 9:00 a.m., so please be prompt.  Remember, if you are running late, call me at 516-480-4720 on the day of the tournament.  At other times, call me at 516-742-5555 X463 or email me at


D. EVENTS: Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Original Oratory, International Extempore, Domestic Extempore, Program of Oral Interpretation, Informative Speaking, and Duo Interp.  NOTE: Students MAY double enter in speech EXCEPT in the two Extemps. (See note I above).

            E. FEES: each chapter will have a $10.00 registration fee, plus $10.00 per speaker.  Make all checks payable to NEW YORK CITY NFL.

            F. JUDGES: One judge for every TWO speakers or fraction. (Duo Interp team counts as one).  We will use the California Plan.  Failure to bring a required judge based on registration will result in a $500.00 fine for each uncovered entry.  No speaker may participate until all fees and fines are             paid.

            G. NUMBERS: you may enter up to four in each event, but you may not exceed the total number of entries based on your chapter strength (as of 7 work days before the contest—check NFL webpage).




III. STUDENT CONGRESS:  The Congress will be held on Saturday, April 8 at Chaminade.  I will send more details later, but I suggest that your students begin working on legislation as soon as possible.





1. The total number of entries for the debate and speech tournaments is determined by quota, based on the number of degrees you have on record at the national office as of seven (7) days before each event.


2. The NSDA has 2 deadlines for registration.  It requires that schools register their students 7 days before the start of the tournament.  It also allows additions up to 72 hours before the tournament.  For the sake of the host schools, I would ask everyone to respect the 7 day deadline.


3. It is to everyone’s advantage that each chapter send its maximum number of entries to both contests.  As you know, the district can qualify up to 4 students/teams to nationals depending on the number actually competing in each event.


4. Reminder.  There are 2 steps to registering a student for the NFL:


            A) Membership: When a student receives 25 point, that student is a member of the NFL.  You, as the coach record the points, and the NFL automatically registers them.


B) Individual Registration:  Students must register with the NFL individually through the website.  Any student who became a member DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR must register individually to compete at the District Tournament. 


C) Your chapter strength is based on the number of degrees of your students who have individually registered with the NSDA.  If you do no register your students, they do not count towards your ability to send students.


All students must have membership, i.e. they must have 25 points on file with the NFL to compete.


If you have any problems with the individual registration, please contact me. I can walk you through it.


5. The NSDA has made Worlds Debate a full event.  Each district will be able to send two teams of up to 5 studetns.  These students need not be from the same school.  We will use the same criteria as last year.  We will solicit interested students. Then, we will offer it first to seniors who were in final rounds, with the spots going to students with the highest NSDA points (excluding service). Then to juniors in the final round, then sophs, then freshmen, then semifinalists in the same order.


Sincerely yours,



Bro. John G. McGrory, S.M.

Chair, New York City NFL

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